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Thursday, 2 June 2011


Orange is screwy and didnt update my minutes online so i thought i had at least 100, untill they told me i had 15 and i had just spent the past 50mins chatting with my sister. Brilliant. Now my phone bills gone over by £7. Thats a lot to me esp when you add it on tod of the £25 a month im already dishing out for the stupid thing.

Ive still got a year and 6days left on my contract and i thought to myself if im always paying nearly £30 everymonth then i might as well upgrade my plan. Its one of those things you say to youself cause your angry. Then i got to thinking. Im gonna change my phone. This is how a lot of the drastic actions i take start. Not that changing my phone plan is drastic. Though i suppose to a teenage who does nothing all day, it really is. Peak.
Anyways. I forgot about the whole changing me plan and started looking to upgrade my phone. Heres one that im kinda interested in
Its one of the only decent ones that i can get as part of the free upgrade deal. Aint done any research yet cause i suppose right now its all talk. I gotta go into a shop and chat with someone. Its just a shame that im never up and fully functioning till around 4 and shops close at 5.


  1. ive heard htc is the best smart phone

  2. htcs are awesome! :) btw i lovw ur blog! following now xx



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