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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Can money buy happiness?

From a first hand experiemce i can honestly say yes.
Yes Money can buy happiness. I know this because i personally spend a lot of money on my own happiness.
This happiness my be short lived or it can be long lasting but when ever i have the blues or have many other kind of random menial problem which occours more often that not. I go out and by myself a little something, or sit at my laptop and browse the world wide web for a small gift to make myself smile.

I realised this today when i decided that i need to start saving more than i usually would cause i dont currently have an income and im not willing to raise my overdraft again considering im leaving in two to three weeks. The only problem was that i had suddenly come down with the blues.
The blues if you dont know, originates from a type of Jazz that was sung in the early 1910 about how the african americans were being opressed.....Either that or its a song, but dont quote me on this, some of the things i say and believe to be true 84% of the time aren't. To me the blues is an unexpected hard to explain why dote of sadness.
The first thing i thought to do was go to tesco or sainsburies and buy myself some wings, or icecream. Then i looked at my bank statement and realised i already went shopping less than a week ago. And that i'd purchased some things from Amazon this week as well. I thought back to why and i rememebered it was cause i was happy at something.

Bugger. So i tried to think of things i could do for free that would make me forget or just get rid of my blues...
I could take a walk
I could watch a movie on my laptop
I could read a book
I could search for jobs
I could go see my friend
I could take a nap
I could put on the radiator for warmth

None of these are really appealing to me at the moment. All i want is to by myself something, but i can't do so without money. Hence we've come full circle. Money can happiness. Well at least for me.

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  1. You could sing!
    Singing is a natural cheerer upper thingy
    do it



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