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Monday, 13 June 2011

Decisions Decisions

I've been meaning to get one, especially after what happened last term when my actors fell apart and the uni wouldn't let me have equipment twice in a row, then i had to borrow Yasmin's Camera and film everything back in the Heath. Highlighted recently when Sarah was talking about them. Probs wont get one till after the summer...If at all, you know what i'm like. But here my starting point, Argo is always my starting point cause its easiest to compare points about different products and its sorted so efficiently. Once i decide which one i want i then go and search for the cheapest place to buy it. Its a good system. Anyways.
The one on the left is the cheapest and most basic, and the one of the furthest right is the opposite, the most expensive and technical. I don't want either, its all about the three in the middle. but now we have extremities to compare them against.
Ah your smiling now at how great my system is aren't ya?
Lemme know what y'all are thinking.


  1. i wouldn't go for the middle cos i don't know the make
    jvc is a good make
    i haven't looked at these properly
    when i do ill get back to u

  2. wicked, also i ticked the HD box but only the expensive one is coming up with Full HD. Dunno what that's about



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