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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heres an interesting thought

I was having a convosation with a friend about his smoking, and i was tellingf him that i kinda understood why he and other people do smoke.
Then he told me that he wished that he didnt smoke.
I said why, and he said something along the lines of its a hard thing to stop.
Then i asked him why he did it.
Then he told me that if your unemployed and you dont smoke then your nothing.
I was gobsmacked in the sence that i couldnt come up with a viable question or reasoning to what he said.
I even reasoned with him that, that makes no sence as unemployed people shouldnt even be able to afford a packet of smokes. But he just told me that it didnt matter cause they werent that hard to get hold of and can be quite cheap.

I asked him what he meant and he just repeated his answer. I dont think he could really formulate it into simplton words.
My friend has random bursts of open cleverness.

So yeah if you can can come up with an explanation or at least rephrase what he said into simpler terms the that would be greatly appreciated.

If your unemployed and you don't smoke then your nothing.

1 comment:

  1. cos if people as what you do and you don't do anything then thats that
    but i guess if your a smoker you have the title of a 'smoker'
    tbh i don't get it myself



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