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Saturday, 11 June 2011


So its been a few days but i have actually been really busy. Well not busy but just not been at home.

Basically my friends all left on Sunday and the last one was leaving on Monday/Tuesday. After he dropped his girlfriend off at the station we were jamming and i was saying that its weird that i was upset that everyone was leaving cause i didnt get even feel an ounce of sadness when i left Chadwell. So then he asked if i would like him to stay till thursday or friday. Uh, Yauh.
So that was that, and we hung out everyday. I didnt think he was serious when he said to me
"Fine but if we're gonna do this we cant be calling each other up at 10pm to hang out. We'll have breakfast and Dinner together everyday"
Evidently he was dead serious cause he called me every morning at 11 to wake up and asked what i wanted to eat that morning, and i left his everyday around 1am after the movie he fell asleep in the middle of had finished.
We went to the Cinema and watched XMen: First Class as well as Fast Five (Yum) and just jammed, i dont really know what to say the week just flew. I helped him pack. I set off the fire alarm. I watched him play basketball, twice. I dunno. But it was a good lax week. And he let me drive his car so thats always an added bonus ;)
This is one of the only two pictures there are of us.

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