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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

i know i know i know

Its been 8days since ive made a blog post and i really hvae no excuses.
But i have been really super busy with a lot of things.
After i finished being busy i was ju]st really really exhausted.
Plus i only blog when i want to, if i ever try to force a post even when i have something really important to say, then it comes out shitty and half hearted so this is better.

Okay i last posted on the 8th. This means nothing to me cause i didnt know what the date was until i looked at the corner of computer screen so i could work out the whole 8 days thing.

Erm, so last time i checked id just spent day and night with my friend for a whole week, then he left me. I was doing okay and had a few days to myself to chill before my other friend came to spend a few days with me.

In my days of soliditary bliss i did official banky stuff, and random nothings like taking a turn about the city center and buying my Film magazines and buying a few more CDs and buying stuff to start putting my scrapbook together. Yes ive decided to scrapbook, mainly cause i always keep random things for mrmories so i thought id best get to organising befor my mum finds a draw fulla junk and throws it out. Shes crazy like that.
Okaysoyeah then the following day i did some more banky stuff then took a bus to the mall just so i could see a bit more of Sheffs, that and i do miss me random bus journey. Must ride the 50p buses next year.
Whilst at the mall, i did a lil research into PS2 prices, cause i want one, bought a few things in the HNM sale and bought more stuff for the scrapbookage and more CDs and Stephanie Plums Four To Score for 99p. Evidently i came back a happy chick.
Then i think i may or may not have watched a movie
{This week i did watch Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, and that was one funny assed random film that i would totes reccomend.}

The next day....Wednesday my friend was coming down after work but i had some time before hand and managed to try and sort out my room, and bop to the Cinema to see Pirates 4 which i personally though didnt really live up to the standard of the forst 3. I also almost found myself missing Orlando and we know how i currently feel about him.
So yeah thats all there is too it so far i think, me and my friend who i went to see the movie with parted ways and probs wont see each other till September of October depending on random variables

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