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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mums the word

So we all know where i'm working this summer right? Well i'm sure i must have mentioned it at some point BEFORE i read/got my contract and it told me i'm not allowed to mention it on any social networking site for both my own safety and as a matter of security.

So from now on imma be referring to work as The Chocolate Factory..TCF..or just The Factory for short.

So induction at The Factory was long winded and we got to much information to read and i told me had to cause there'd be a test during induction, talk about a par on my life. also i had to be at TCF by 8:30am and id barely slept since Tuesday night.. There's nothing really to say it was just how it was, but i dont start my training week for another 3weeks so i don't know what imma do for cash until then, cause girl needs her P.

I think that about brings me up to date?
Sunday i had church then after went to see a family friend who's house got flooded in December due to a pipe burst, so they've been living in a hotel since then and only moved in last week. Was like a house re warming part. The food was peng and much needed.

Hmmmmm Monday is today, well yesterday technically. And i didn't really do anything
Dad woke me up at 10 and told me under his roof no one should be asleep past 9. I actually find this really crewel. Esp cause i had gone to bed at 4 after having a long phone convosation and 6hours isn't sleep. Though to be honest i dont know why i was surprised my dads always like this. Guess i'm just used to going to bed at 4 and waking up the next aftenoon at 3 or whatever. That and the fact that my dad was actually in cause he's usually not. Found out he was on nights this week and my mums on annual leave. Don't think i've even had this happen to me. Just me my mum and my dad. Weird doesn't even begin to describe.

Oooh just rememebred, i watched the MTV Movie Awards Finally, i just fastforward-ed through to the categories and nominations but watche dthe biggining obvs where they show the presentor getting to the movie awards and then he rips out the stars while he's on stage, funniest i can rememeber is probably Selena Gomez and Emma Stone. Als my sis made me watch a few funny bits incluing Rob Pattinson and his speech to Reece Witherspoon.
I'll try and find a video off the tube for ya. He and the other cast are quite funny in real life but i really just cant be bothered to sit and listen.

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