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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My friend is not serious

After i told him he just laughed at me then sent me texts that said "Haha You Failed" and its cool cause thy make me laugh.
Basically he's organising the freshers page for next year and from time to time i write stuff so it helps generate interset or whatever, he asked me to so i do, no big deal. But then he did this

I was honestly gobsmacked, like full on couldnt formulate words for a good minute at least. The thing is that it was actually funny so i was laughing once i got past the shock and this is the reason for my Tweet.

All my social networks are linked on the sly. Well its not reall sly cause i advertise my Twitter on my Facebook and my Blog on my Twitter and my Blog pasge has my tweets posted on the side. Only thing is that theres no link TO facebook from anything. Whcih is a good thing cause i still dont like facebook.

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