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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Peer Pressure

Really doenst effect me.

I know that sounds like one of them statements that you tell yourself to make yourself feel better cause you secretly know that peer pressure is a big influence in the desisions you make in life. And hey, hats off to you, the first step to recovery is admittance (Dont ack me what the other steps are cause im never entirely sure if i make this up) But yeah back to me, obvs :) It doesnt, people call me names in a jokey way naturally to try and get me to do things and it just has no effect.
I only do the stuff cause i had already intended to....and i know that this again sounds like a preteens excuse for starting to smoke, but its true. If anything people calling me names or whatever makes me less enclined to do whatever it is they're jeering about in the first place.

This is just an observation about myself that i noticed recently. I've been having a lot of these recently.
Ha she looks a little like me :)

Also if your thinking this post is about smoking...Its not, smoking is just a good reference as its one of the first things people are pressured into doing.
Stats bitches.

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