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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Right where was i?

Yeah so after i parted ways with my friend i went back and did as much cleaning up as i could before my friend called me and said they were on their way.
In the end they finally got to mine, and from there we went back to theirs, confusing right i know with all the there and their and what other variation of the word you can have, but imma try and be as vauge as possible about this person, per their request that i can only write about them if i keep them neutral.

So neutral and i went casino about 2 and we were quite tipsy...well i was neutral was sloshed when they even got there. So yeah we were putting on American accents and annoying everyone at the BlackJack Table :) We ended up leaving when it got light...maybe around 8am, then we attempted to watch Driving Lessons with Mr Grint, but Neutrral and i ended up falling asleep. I was gonna say the next morning, but really it was a few hours later, then we were back in the casino, with the original objective being to go to the Roller blading rink next door. But it was 2 and they didnt open till 5 so we decided to just wait iit out in the casino, where we ate a nice meal before hitting the Black Jack tables. We left a few hours later when it hit around 5, so we went to re attempt the rollerblading rink.....alas there were too many school kids and lets face it. The lax and lux decour and feel of the casino didnt really put us in the mood to be chilling around a bunch of annoying screaming school peeps. Instead we decided to see a movie. which waas more lax than lux. Insididious First though we hit the courts where i managed to convince some tiny humans that i was american with a broken wrist and that neutral was my sibling.

THEN we headed to the movies. Long story short, it was decent and my friend had heart attacks the entire way through the movie which was fun to watch, me on the other hand? I saw a lot of the jumps coming but even the ones i didnt, i didnt seem to outwardly jump like everyone else around me. Mine just felt like a heart jolt. Same thing as jumping, but the lazy version.

We went back to Neutrals to pick up our stuff before heading to mine. By now its like almost 12 and i had to be up for 8 to take my driving test (which i failed btw, this is the only mention im making about it and i dont really wanna go over it cause for one it doesnt make me pass and for second ive already explained to too many times, i'll just tell  you that it was in the last 5mins and was to do with roundabouts) We just ended up talking each others ears off till about 4am with me on the floor and neutral taking my bed like a G6. Was a weird sleep.
Next day after the epic fail Neutral told me a story that encorporated all my favourite things [Harry Potter, Arthurian Legend, Unicorns, Barny Stinson] that proper cheered me up. Then Neutral helped me pack and we set off for one last lucky streak at the casino. Gamblers doesnt even begin to describe it. Well Neutral more than me any ways. We only stayed for an hour before we went to the coach station, where Neutral held out a white hankerchief and waved me a tearful good bye.....Well thats how i saw it anyhows.

4 hours later iw as back in raining London, a perfect weather to fit my mood. I secretly think that all this rain is myfault cause it started Majorly on Friday, but i do have a vivid and selective imagination

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