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Monday, 6 June 2011

This is my productivity vow

Im apologising ib advance if my spelling is worse than usual, its not me, im on my friends mac and im not used to the keyboard set up if ya get what im saying.

Anyways, me and being productive. Its my last 2weeks in sheffield and im gonna try and do stuff other than lounging in my room all day listening to the sound of my new chinese flatmates laughing and joking.
I havent actually decided what to do to make my last few weeks more productive, and if anything ive been forced into this productivity ting cause all of my shows have finished so its like ive got a lot of stuff to do.

Okay so things i can do include trying to re-start my book...again, going cinema, going to the park to read. Ive got a few paint by numbers i could do. Just little stuff that wont cost a lot.

Okay this blog post is incredibly boring and seems a bit repetitive so imma come back when ive got something better to say.
*Shame Faced*

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  1. OMG! Can I come do paint by numbers with you please???



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