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Saturday, 11 June 2011

What to do what to do?

I think ive pretty much summed up my week. So now that im finally alon im tryna decide what ive actually got left to do cause im going home on Friday 17th and ive aslo got my driving test on this day :/
So ive got a bunch of stuff to do before then such as....

-Going to the bank,
-Packing up as much of my stuff as possible.
-Going to the cinema, to see Pirates 4
-Organising my stuff for when i come back on the 25th for my stuff
-Seeing my friends
-Going to the works for some CDs and possibly books
-Doctors...But i havent made an appointment
-One of my friends may be coming down again for a day this week. We'll see.
-Practicing for my test.
-Finishing up my shows
-Watching more films.

I know this seems like menial nothing things to do, but dont forget how slowly i move and how everything to me is oh so effortatious.

Currently though im listening to the McFly album i bought from Amazon for 99p :)

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