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Thursday, 2 June 2011

You've Got To Pump It Up

So last night...or this morning i guess, after vowing to be more productive, i went to bed, woke up and Finally did the pump it up work out dvd that sezza gave me. Now im not sure if it actually helped i'll let you know how much pain im in tomorrow. But it certainly made you sweat like a pig on a rotissary, like i now understand why they dress the way they do, i mean at first you like, Jesus why would you dress like taht on television especially with all the thrusting you do, but yeah it makes sence. I started off with my workout clothes all normal and covering everything to rolling up my joggers into shorts and hitching my top up so i could breate. But yeah, some of the stuff were harder than others in terms of making you ache and in terms of the fact that i absolutly suck when it comes to choreographed dance steps, so if i couldnt follow along i just did my own thing which mainly involved jumping around my room like a lunatic. I even did the whole dvd which is a big thing for me considering i havent done any form of working out in more than a year. Go Me.

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