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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I wanna re-read the fearless books by Francine Pascal.

Think that's the longest series book i've ever read, it has 36 books in the series and i don't think i ever got to read the last 2 or 3 cause i just couldn't get it in this country, but i own the first one.

My friend randomly had a post card of it and that's how i heard of it and i read it and loved it. Each book only has around 200 pages so i used literally just devour it in one night some times. I remember when i went on holiday to Pennsylvania to see my aunt and i asked her to take me to the library and she looked a bit shocked cause i coulda gone to the mall. But nope to the library i went and i found the last book and i read the first and last 50 pages. Cant actually remember what happens.

Also there was a spin off series but obviously i didn't get to finish the original so there was no point in me jumping onto that band wagon.

Was randomly watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls yesterday (The road trip to harvard after Lorelai runs away cause she doesnt wanna marry Max) and Rory mentioned that she'd only read 300 books and she was 16. I know ive read at least 500 cause until i go to university i used to read at least 100 books a year since year 8. But then she reads the really complex ones and she re reads a lot of books. Shes adorable.


  1. Favourite ever Gilmore Girls episode.

  2. For Reals? lol what are the odds :)



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