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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I realise i never really post any pictures so here's a few random ones that i just have on my phone

I just loved the irony.

My in paper form as drawn by Yasmin

When i went Liverpool Street market, im pretty sure its a brothel, but i love this phrase

At a house party, my friends alcoholic concoction. Yum :/

My sister from that time i went to see her in Brighton, and gave her back her hat

Brighton times

Rocks at Brighton Beach

Amsterdam View

At the front of a shop in Amsterdam

After work at the stadium i wnet to check the view of the match

T-shirt i saw at Amsterdam airport on the way back

The guy i was sitting next to on the coach this one time

If i ever kept a diary id buy these, they're just so pretty.

The Irregular Choice shoe collection at Schuh

The Irregular Choice shoes i intend to buy (The light blue ones with bunnies)

When i went to Alton Towers

The guys in the front seat on the way to Alton Towers

The time my friend out a bottle of Barcadi Breezer in the freezer and we forgot about it. It exploded, we stupidly put it in a glass and added more alcohol to it, i nearly swallowed a shit load of glass :/

Breakfast at the Casino loool

Golden State Coaches at The Royal Mews in London

All my books and DVDs piled into a draw at home until i leave again and they get real shelves

My younger sister

Rainbow on the way home from a training day.

1 comment:

  1. you should do pics more often
    you look like your sis, I thought the hat one was you
    && LOL at the coach man



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