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Monday, 4 July 2011

I realise these posts are uber short

Ann probably feel like 140 characters or less, but like i blogges, im really doing nothing interesting and if  i blogged about anything right now it would be a huge rant about how ah-noying my parents are and how unfair they treat me and it id probably end up sounding like the middle child in in after school special. Even though all my points are totally justifyable. Also id rant about how i have no money whatsoever and that even after my summer job i probably wont have anything left to have fun with.
Il do a quick under 140 charcater summary

Dad: Manipulative, unfair, and doesnt keep to his word. Will promise somthing just to keep you quiet
Mum: Crazy, shes actually nuts im sure, that and she's incredibly cheap when it come to me needing something
Money: 25% of my wages will be going on travel, 25% to pay back part of my overdraft, 25% on first months rent and 25% on furniture

Yeah that's a good summary. But this was last weeks problems, I've totally moved past this stuff now.

Like any good sitcom, yesterdays issues have nothing to do with today's episode.

Oooh yeah i like that :)

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