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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ive made it through my training week

That basically means one week down and 6 weeks to go.

Im not legally allowed to mention where i work on any social networking site or blogs and stuff which is kinda sad cause i do take pleasure in blogging about my experiences especially cause it means i get to look back over them in a few months or even years and cause you paint such a specific picture its almost like your there again.

Anyways, for legal reasons i just say i work at The Chocolate Factory :)

So i had my training week at the Chocolate Factory this week and it was one hectic day after another, it involved me waking up at 6am every morning and leaving the house between 7 and 8 to get to work for 9:30 and sometimes 9.
Monday: Wasn't too bad as we were just at computers and there wasnt really a lot of time for talking or whatever, but it was cool cause we all sat together at lunch. And lunch is the best part of the day, its free for one and its a 3 course lunch, one day we had a roast and i was literally like :O It almost makes up for the fact your paying for travel cause its not like you have to pay for food.

Tuesday: We went through how to use the telephones to take chocolate orders and oh wow it was a complicated thing to behold. We literally went through it for the whole day. That like 9:30 till 4:30 minus and hour for lunch....6hours, and we even got folders with pictures and we got given note pads and it honestly felt like being in school. But it wasn't to bad and the guy we had teaching us assured us that there'd be people around to help us every step of the way.

Wednesday: We got split into two groups and we went live on the phones. It wasnt too bad cause i got mostly enquiring calls and a few people just wanting a single chocolate bar, gladly i didnt get anyone wanting a bulk of chocolate.

Thursday: I went on a day out to Windsor Castle. We got the tickets for free just as a learning experience day and it was actually really interesting. At first we just wanted to wiz through it but before we knew it we were asking questions and watching guard changes. We were done by noon then hopped off to nandos where i got my free half chicken ^_^ The train wasnt ready to depart yet so we went to the park and played on the swings for a while. An all in all fun day out and it was cool cause we all got a little closer

Friday: I cant really remember, we had a few presentations about disabled access into the factory but thats all i remember, then after we got a free tour around buckingham palace, but sadly the Queen was having a garden party so we only got to see the Fabrage exhibition and the main Ballroom where the dutchess of cambridges dress was going to be displayed, which is more than what the last group got to see. The room could fit about 2 and a half of my house inside of it. I was literally that flabaghasted and if you know me then you know it takes a lot to make me speechless. Oh yeah that was it, we got counter training as well, for people that come and by Factory tickets on the day.

Saturday: We started at 10 and had a training day about how to deal with ushering the public into the factory queues and all that malarky, we were done by 2 but me and a few others decided to stay a few extra hours and do some batching, which is basically putting peoples Faatory tour tickets into envelopes with the right leaflets etc. Did that for 2 hours it went quite quickly actually.

Sorry i dont have any pictures to show. Obvs you cant take pictures of yourself at work and if i took a picture of my lunch then that would just be bizarre.

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