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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My first day at the Chocolate Factory

We all got the days we were and werent working on the induction day a few weeks back, but every week they send out the rota telling you where your working in the factory. So i looked through mine on Friday after training and saw that on my first day (Monday) no one from my training group was going to be working. Now being by myself is never an issue but i was just a bit iffy about lunch cause its a big room and all the tables are for 4 or more and that would be a little obvious sitting by myself in the middle of the room with no book or music and no phone, cause your not allowed to use your phones within the factory in case any of us happen to be taking pictures of the merchandise and sending picture messages to Mr Slugworth. Its completely understandable.

But yeah it wasn't too bad, cause it was my first real day they let me shadow this girl who'd had started a few weeks before. We were first at the counters selling tickets to people who just turned up for the day. Then we had lunch together then we were on the phones in the afternoon.

This i was not prepared for. I thought i was gonna be at the counter all day so i was gonna use my days off to read over my telephone notes. No such luck. I went and got my phone login details and took that opportunity to apologise to the supervisor in advance for the amount of times i would most likely come up and disturb him. He told me not to apologise which was really nice. Granted i did come up a million times but each time they just smiled at me and told me not to worry which again was really nice. I think i was just uber surprised cause ive worked in quite a few call centres and the supervisors or whoever you go to for help just seem really annoyed at you even if its your first and only day. Though a few people have told me that they monitor your calls on the first day and play it back to you in a one on one and give you ways to improver. Even though i knew this before hand i still know i sound like a bored school child on the phone no matter what.

All in all i was pleased with my first day and its a shame i cant take a picture of my uniform to show you cause in my white shirt, waistcoat, blazer and ankle length skirt i look like one sexy bitch ;)

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