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Sunday, 24 July 2011

So Amy Winehouse died yesterday

This post isnt dedicated to her, its just cause when someone told me yesterday i was like "Oh no, for reals that's so random" and they were all "Is that it?" im all "Is what it?" and then they're all "Arent you gonna say anything else about her"

Now this isnt me being morbid or mean or whatever but i just never really bothered with Amy Winehouse, she could sing but i only new two of her songs (Valery and Rehab) Im not just gonna act like im her biggest fan. Obvs its sad shes dead but her music wasnt my taste if she was ever mentioned on the news about going to rehab id change the channel (mostly cause i dont watch the news) So yeah thats all. Im not hating, its sad that she's dead but please dont expect me to be choked up about it. If Britney or someone i actually grew up listening to and loved dpes ever pass away then expect me to be stifled with guilt.

The End

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