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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I know that all my posts hold some significance

But i haven't actually been doing anything.
Got paid today and that made me well happs, considering it'll all be gone in a few weeks.
Yeah i've got 14days left of work, i don't need to actually countdown cause ive got one on my phone.
Erm, went slefidges and might by myself some MAC makeup, i say make up which makes it seem like i wanna buy a lot, its literally just the compress powder? I think its called, and i figure for £20 and the fact that i don't wear the stuff on the regs it ain't that bad.

Loving Kelly

I know this album came out a good....*Goes to wikipedia* Jeeeeeze, this came out like a good 7years ago.
Well alrighty then, yeah so i know this came out a good 7 years ago but i'm proper loving it, bought the CD a few months ago and finally broke it out a few days ago and i've got a few choice songs going round and round and round in my head so naturally its on repeat.
The first four on the album i already knew and it was like wearing an old familiar pair of jeans when i started singing the lyrics but there were the others that id never heard and i know love.
So yeah check out these two songs

Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

Just made my 10,000th tweet :)

Last name by Carrie Underwood.
I tweet random lyrics that come into my head, though if i don't put a key note next to it. i.e.: (8)
Then people think im talking about real life.
Though thinking about it now, there is a guy whose last name i dont know.
Just saying.

Randomly had this on the brain and started spreading it :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Im a planner

I need my rota for September asap so i can plan!
This is cutting it a bit thin as well in all fairness cause the one i have now ends next week sunday.
After that then my life is an abyss of question marks and notes made in pencil, ready to rub out.
I know how dramatic i sound *please check blog url* but ive actually got a lot to fit into the first 2weeks of September before i have to finish work and head down to sheffield, for the start of term.
Including going up there to sign documents, sorting out my Whoopi Goldburg styles hair, booking an appointment at the optitions (They made my new specs way to strong :/) I realise they sound like meaningless nothings, but when your working 8:30 to 5 five random days a week and have to be up for 5:30am and be in bed for 10:30pm there's not really much room to chance popping down to the shops, or time to rush in to book appointments.
I dunno.
On the flip side i love being super busy cause it gives me things to write in my diary (not anne frank) and keep the day chugging.
Had to leave Teen Wolf at a Cliff Hanger cause i need to go to be. Sigh.

Anywho. I need to sleep now, work tomorrow 8:30-4:30.
Gotta be up for 5:50 to get there for 8 so i can get into uniform
when i leave which will be by 5:00 i need to dash over to Upton Park to do a little hair shopping.
I love Hair Shopping :)
Then i'll have an hour downtime, an hour or two TV time, an hour Eating and 30mins to shower and bop to bed.


Lets call this one Religion and Spiritual type things?

So my mother likes to periodically have a go at me for missing church because of work.
I know for definatly i told her about it when i got my rota in June.
The thing is that shes making out like im doing it on perpouse. Im not, if for no other reason than to have her stop complaining at me. There's a rota, i have to work my contract states "As and when needed" If i did want any sundays off then id have to swap with my collegues, and i have tried but im not going to force anyone, they were lucky enough to have it off and they may have already had plans. Im not holding a grudge.
But yeah she was having another go at me and its really annoying cause everytime we have an argument or a disagreement or something, she starts and she never lets me say anything and when i finally get my rant she jumps in and says "You've always got an answer for everything Jennifer" or "Your so argumentative" The thing is im not arguing, im staying as calm and neutral as possible, if i do get louder its cause im trying to talk over her as she tries to interrupt me.

She was saying stuff like, its thanks to God that you got this job and you wouldnt be anywhere withou God. Etc etc. Now im a christian but as to how much, my odds change every now and then. Its usually at a 60/40 thing towards occasionally i may go lower but like i said, it depends. Im not like a hardcore christian, i'll go to church and stuff but that about it. Im never one to doubt other peoples religions cause i just think that's stupid and a waste of time but i was thinking today on the bus.
If it was all thanks to God then wha'ts the point of my trying to do anything?
Then i got thinking about Destiny and Fate and how it effected the Halliwells (Charmed) and the Winchesters (Supernatural). So what it seems is that Destiny, Fate and Religion are almost in a way linked in terms of puppeteiring. Someones pulling our strings.
If i get an A on a test whats the point of celebrating if its all thanks to God or if its Destined. If i fail at something then i cant really blame myself because its already been predetermined.
You get what im saying or am i just rambling?

Anyways i just got really annoyed especially because im the type of person who hates being told what and how to do things in a forcible manner that leave no room for opinion or choice, and thought that i'd blog rant about it and see what you think.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

We all know i love a good saying...

Check it and read it homies

I'll give you a few examples, i just couldn't be bothered to copy and paste a shizz loada pics cause they're all pretty good.
These are just from regular people who have entered a competeiton on this dudes site but his regular post are good.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I have only made 7 posts.

Make that 8, in August and we're 14 days in. Need to do my best to rectify this asap.

Though in my defence i have technically still been blogging, just on my film blog is all.

Check it:

So The Whoopi Goldburg story i mentioned in a tweet.

There's a Warden at work who i thinks looks a little like Jared Leto. Obvs not exact so dont get too excited, but he deffo reminds me of him, think its the hair and eyes perhaps?
Anyways i mentioned this to him...
Side Note: I do just drop in these observations and comments randomly, asking people if they're werewolves or vampires or goblins, but whatever.
....then i saw him a while later and he was all;
"You know who your remind me of?"
"This famous woman"
Zoe Saldana? Jada Pinkett Smith?
"Whoopi Goldgurg"
"Huh. Just give me a moment while i decide whether or not to take this as an insult."
"No, no its a compliment. Its your smile, it lights up your whole face and she's the only person i can think of that a smile has that effect with"
"Huh, well okay then, thank you i guess"
Then we went off to get the Harry Potter key. Don't ask.
So yeah, i love the Goldburg but she obviously wouldnt be the first person i would compare myself looking like. Perhaps its the hair? Cause to be honest mine is looking like a hot mess at the moment...
Anyway that's it. I don't really see it me self so i was gonna ask you guys.

Oui ou Non?

Books Glorious Books

Hmmm hmmm hmmmmm lovely :)

Okay so I finished Reading this a few weeks ago.
Review: Meh, expected better considering it was the last book with main character James Adams

Then just short of devoured the new Plum novel
Review: Actually had me  laughing my ass off on the train like a loony. All time love and I've finally picked between Morelli and Rnager.

Now Im reading a book by Plum author Janet Evanovich, and suffice to say my expectations are higher than the Himalayas.

I should probably advertise and what not

My Film Blog, Ive been working on it for about 3weeks now, trying to back date it as much as possible, im still adding random stuff to it but yeah, follow like a duckling peeps and homes. 

I have been meaning to start one for a while now, and you know what they say about the summer...Yeah me neither but i'm sure its something good. And because i'm in a particularly picturesque mood heres a few awesome screen grabs :) 

Bought a few new things.

I know I dress a tad randomly but don't worry this isn't like an ensemble I've put together on my way out or anything, its just me shoving everything on. Gots me a silk scarf from Primizzle, a random satchel type small classy neony green side bag from Primizzle, a new diary from poundland a skirt for work from Time and converse from Schuh.

Im bare on this Take That shizz

I have been replaying and replaying the following songs again and again....

Greatest Day
Id Wait For Life
Love Love
Rule The World
Said It All
The Flood

Enjoy a choice few videos.

Sad but nonetheless over excited moments at work

So i was on the counter and i had this dude come up who was picking up tickets. He gave me his name and i thought to myself  "Hmmm that sounds familiar" so i got up his details and what not then checked the booking history to see who took his call (cause he booked over the phone) and i saw my name and then (naturally cause at work there are oh so very little things to get excited over.)
I was like "OMG i took this call!"
"Oh was that you i spoke to?"
"Yeah, wow sorry you dont understand how rare this is"
"Haha yeah dont worry about it"
"Okay so here are your tickets *Proceeds to explain how tickets work etc*"
"Right right, and you said something about getting it stamped if we dont have time to go here?"
"Oh wow you actually remembered what i said *Teary eyed*"
"Hahaha yeah, you were very good"
""Thanks, and you enjoy your visit "

Like i said its one of those sad moments that only you and other people who work where you work can get excited about. The girl i was sitting next to told sad i was. But when i talked to some of my friends they were all as excited as i was.

Hi there and stuff

It has actually almost been a month, or is that just me exaggerating?

Okay anyway im gonna write as much as possible, probably in the form of loads of mini post and im going to try and think back as far as possible, though that means the posts may not be in order of what happened. I dunno.

Okay first thing that comes to mind is the BPSO Treasure Hunt we did at work. Now we all know what an unsocial bitch i can be, but at the same time im a go with the flow kinda gal. So one of my friends at work (Yes i actually have friends at work, who woulda guessed) was like, shall we do it? And i was all "Meh, whatever" (That's the go with the flow bit i mentioned) so we did, all together there were 3 of us.

When we got the envelope with all the documents we were like :O THIS LOOKS HARD okay dont give me that look, not that i thought it would be easy per se, we just didnt think it would be that complicated. As well as the Treasure Hunt there was a Scavenger Hunt thingy. In the end we just decided to focus on that.
The list on the Scavenger Hunt consisted of....

Most Original Picture

Something beginning with x

Empty Large Barardi Breezer bottle

A lawyers Business Card

A Happy Meal
Picture with a police man
Yesterdays News Paper
A Feather
Foreign money
A roll of tissue paper
A beer mat
An Ale Glass
Plus a few more i cant quite remember, but heck we got pretty much everything but the bottle of breezer. The best wins were... The Lawyer business card cause we were literally stopping strangers and asking if they were lawyers, and the Something beginning with x  cause we ended up convincing the bar man to take off his shirt, he took us to the back and made an X sign sign (L2N1 lol) this dude totally loves his job.
After we got to the pub i had one drink and had to dash, half cause of the rioting and half because of my mother, and half because i am an unsocial bitch :)
Got home okay (Yay me) then went to sleep and did it all over again. No not the scavenger hunt, just the whole work thing.


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