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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hi there and stuff

It has actually almost been a month, or is that just me exaggerating?

Okay anyway im gonna write as much as possible, probably in the form of loads of mini post and im going to try and think back as far as possible, though that means the posts may not be in order of what happened. I dunno.

Okay first thing that comes to mind is the BPSO Treasure Hunt we did at work. Now we all know what an unsocial bitch i can be, but at the same time im a go with the flow kinda gal. So one of my friends at work (Yes i actually have friends at work, who woulda guessed) was like, shall we do it? And i was all "Meh, whatever" (That's the go with the flow bit i mentioned) so we did, all together there were 3 of us.

When we got the envelope with all the documents we were like :O THIS LOOKS HARD okay dont give me that look, not that i thought it would be easy per se, we just didnt think it would be that complicated. As well as the Treasure Hunt there was a Scavenger Hunt thingy. In the end we just decided to focus on that.
The list on the Scavenger Hunt consisted of....

Most Original Picture

Something beginning with x

Empty Large Barardi Breezer bottle

A lawyers Business Card

A Happy Meal
Picture with a police man
Yesterdays News Paper
A Feather
Foreign money
A roll of tissue paper
A beer mat
An Ale Glass
Plus a few more i cant quite remember, but heck we got pretty much everything but the bottle of breezer. The best wins were... The Lawyer business card cause we were literally stopping strangers and asking if they were lawyers, and the Something beginning with x  cause we ended up convincing the bar man to take off his shirt, he took us to the back and made an X sign sign (L2N1 lol) this dude totally loves his job.
After we got to the pub i had one drink and had to dash, half cause of the rioting and half because of my mother, and half because i am an unsocial bitch :)
Got home okay (Yay me) then went to sleep and did it all over again. No not the scavenger hunt, just the whole work thing.

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