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Friday, 19 August 2011

Lets call this one Religion and Spiritual type things?

So my mother likes to periodically have a go at me for missing church because of work.
I know for definatly i told her about it when i got my rota in June.
The thing is that shes making out like im doing it on perpouse. Im not, if for no other reason than to have her stop complaining at me. There's a rota, i have to work my contract states "As and when needed" If i did want any sundays off then id have to swap with my collegues, and i have tried but im not going to force anyone, they were lucky enough to have it off and they may have already had plans. Im not holding a grudge.
But yeah she was having another go at me and its really annoying cause everytime we have an argument or a disagreement or something, she starts and she never lets me say anything and when i finally get my rant she jumps in and says "You've always got an answer for everything Jennifer" or "Your so argumentative" The thing is im not arguing, im staying as calm and neutral as possible, if i do get louder its cause im trying to talk over her as she tries to interrupt me.

She was saying stuff like, its thanks to God that you got this job and you wouldnt be anywhere withou God. Etc etc. Now im a christian but as to how much, my odds change every now and then. Its usually at a 60/40 thing towards occasionally i may go lower but like i said, it depends. Im not like a hardcore christian, i'll go to church and stuff but that about it. Im never one to doubt other peoples religions cause i just think that's stupid and a waste of time but i was thinking today on the bus.
If it was all thanks to God then wha'ts the point of my trying to do anything?
Then i got thinking about Destiny and Fate and how it effected the Halliwells (Charmed) and the Winchesters (Supernatural). So what it seems is that Destiny, Fate and Religion are almost in a way linked in terms of puppeteiring. Someones pulling our strings.
If i get an A on a test whats the point of celebrating if its all thanks to God or if its Destined. If i fail at something then i cant really blame myself because its already been predetermined.
You get what im saying or am i just rambling?

Anyways i just got really annoyed especially because im the type of person who hates being told what and how to do things in a forcible manner that leave no room for opinion or choice, and thought that i'd blog rant about it and see what you think.

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  1. i totally get it
    ive been thinking alot about philosophy and speaking to david so has he
    its our age
    we're all fucked from here on



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