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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sad but nonetheless over excited moments at work

So i was on the counter and i had this dude come up who was picking up tickets. He gave me his name and i thought to myself  "Hmmm that sounds familiar" so i got up his details and what not then checked the booking history to see who took his call (cause he booked over the phone) and i saw my name and then (naturally cause at work there are oh so very little things to get excited over.)
I was like "OMG i took this call!"
"Oh was that you i spoke to?"
"Yeah, wow sorry you dont understand how rare this is"
"Haha yeah dont worry about it"
"Okay so here are your tickets *Proceeds to explain how tickets work etc*"
"Right right, and you said something about getting it stamped if we dont have time to go here?"
"Oh wow you actually remembered what i said *Teary eyed*"
"Hahaha yeah, you were very good"
""Thanks, and you enjoy your visit "

Like i said its one of those sad moments that only you and other people who work where you work can get excited about. The girl i was sitting next to told sad i was. But when i talked to some of my friends they were all as excited as i was.

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