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Friday, 30 September 2011

Did i mention

That we thought we were going to be getting internet yesterday but it turns out all we got was sky. I mean i love sky and its good not to just be watching boxsets, but we were all looking forward to it especially because the router had arrived earlier in the week. It sucks cause we've all got shows to catch up on and essays and research to do.
Apparetly we won be getting internt for another two weeks. That had better be a lie cause i NEED it.
My friends were asking what we used to do before we had internet.
In my eyes there was no such time.

In other news my other friends are all back and are moving into their place later on today. Whoop. Hmmmm maybe they'll have internet.

Also also also lastly, i got an email about a job interview im supposed to have but never agreed to, i spoke to a woman yesterday and she said she would get back to me but she didnt and next thing you know theres an email telling me i have one today at 10am. Er. Na.
Not sure whether to holla at them or not, cause the hours they want me to work would be 6:30am to 1pm. The pays good, and its literally a 5minute walk away from where i live, but every saturday?
Hmmm im not sure where my desperation level is at at the moment.

Okay. Im Done.

Classes and Lectures and Seminars and Such

So this week marked the start of my first week of uni. I mean i know i was there last week as well but that was all induction stuff which it turned out i didnt need to even be there for so i could have stayed an extra week at work, ut what ever Trevor, i left in perfect timing and on a high. Anyways.
So year first week. Well i say week but really my first class was on Wednesday at 5pm.
It was a broing lecture where we were just talked at about the presentation we were given to read when we got hme. Then we were shown a safty video type thing that we were going to have to do and complete once we got home again anyways. I think the word wast of time may be used to describe said lecture.

Then on thursday i had my first 9am seminar, which is a big deal for me considering i had like two last year and i dont think i turned up for half of them. So yeah, 9am. It was okay getting up considering i couldnt actually sleep that night. That and when i finally started to drift off my rail where i keep my clothes broke. It was 5am so from there, there really was no hope of sleep.
So my seminar was from 9 till 12 and im not sure if ive used the term Collosal waste of time in a while. No? Well then yeah im going to go with Collosal Waste Of Time. We got given more sheets that the tutor then went and read through on the monitor. Then we got into groups and got given a word and had to write everything thats involved in said word. Such as Ideas and Development or Research. Blahdi Bladi Blah. Oh yeah, also we got told that we have to do a blog as part of the course. Now im not to familiar with blogs so i was sooooo excited. Was my sarcasm evident in that sentence? Good didnt want to under do it.
I was watching as she entered the url for the blog example and all but found a gun to shove in my mouth and blow my brains out as she typed *Sigh*
Lets just say im not going to make the same mistake as last time and im going to use a different email address to create this Blog.

Okay so that leads us on to todays Lecture "Approaching Research" is the name of the module. I dont know why i air quoted it [minus the air] but yeah the lecturer we had was some dude that seems uber mellow and as he mad a power point of the shizz we'd be learning as apposed to just reading it staright from the hand out which didnt actually annoy me, and we know how easily annoyed i am. So yeah.
As he was reading through the shizz that we were going to be doing this module and some of the electives we'll be able to choose in 2nd and third year i wasthinking to myself. WHOOOOP. Especially cause he mentioned a 1000 word and 2500 word essay all by christmas, and i love essay writing. Also i though that i wouldnt be able to di a dissetation in this couse cause it was never on the website of in the course profile. But im allowed to choose it was an elective in my final year which is epic for me cause its one of those things that ive alwasy wanted to do. Its a University Right of Passage in my eyes. Well if your course allows you to do it. I was mega dissapointed when i thought i wouldnt be able to do it. But i can so yay.

Okay thats all, we finished the lecture early cause to be fair we werent really learning anything, but i've got a seminar with this dud at 11:30 so imma go and get some air before ive gotta be there.

Monday, 26 September 2011

My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon

I spent most of last night dragging this lake
for the corpses of all my past mistakes
sell me out - the joke's on you
we are salt - you are the wound
empty another bottle
and let me tear you to pieces
this is me wishing you
into the worst situations
I'm the kind of kid
that can't let anything go
but you wouldn't know a good thing
if it came up and slit your throat

Clowns in a Car

I dunnow how they do it

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sheffield Hallam University

Thats where im at in case you didnt know and im doing Film and Media Production, just starting my first year afeter doing a foundation year.
The foundation year has had both a negative and positive effect on me.
Positive: I know here im going, where everything is and i've been new way to oftn to care about being new or wearing the perfect outfit on the first day blah blah blah.
Negative: See last sentence above. As well as this im not even trying to make friends, i usually put in a smidge of effort but im one of those people thats perfectly happy being alone and doesnt really need people to do things with. But at the same time i'll make an effort cause im not stupid, you cant NOT have friends, and i'll tell you something else as well. Im good at making friends when i wanna be.
In this particular case. I was not in the mood. I knew everything that they were tlling me as id dont it all last year and me and the other peole who had been on my course last year were just as whingey that we had to go to this whole bullshit induction week as well. So naturally when it came to going to the ice breaker, i didnt bring a pick axe or gloves. I was so icey that Appolo couldnt melt me.

As i got to the end i warmed up a tad, trading sarcastic comments with a like minded individuals whose name i couldnt rememeber if i had a gun to my head.
Im hoping that the chip i had on my shouldner was just due to the fact that it was induction and i hate things being repeated to me, and that when i go to my first actual real lecture on Wednesday i'll be a little more psyched. I mean heck, im finally starting my actual course. whats not to be happy about?

I dont have internet, a bed frame, my apartments was unclean when i got there and we're having an argument with the estate agents, i dont have draws a proper wardrobe and i need to find a job because im burning through the cash i do have and due to the unleanliness of the apartment i dont want to cook in the kitchen so im more inclined to buy take out and i snack way more than average and need to join a gym and my eyes feel raped from practicing to put my contact lenses in and out and ive got my 3rd teach on monday and i dont know if i can take the pain and the condesending look on the barbie of a teachers face i have and i have a cold.

Like i said, whats not to be happy about.

Im in Sheffield Bitch

I love this city
do do do do - do do do- do do do do - do do do.

So happy to be back, i miss work but except for that there was nothing really keeping me in Londo, dont get me wrong i love it there but im the kind of person that just needs to keep moving.
So yeah on my first night back i was on the couch cause my bad hadnt arrived yet. Sad times but the couch is well comfy so im not really complaing. So yeah my friend was in France and my other flat mate hadnt moved up yet so i spent the first two nights by myself, with no internt or television. Ghastly i know. Luckily i had my laptop and a buildingly vast collecttion of DVDs and Boxsets to keep me entertained.
Then my friend came back from france, she too with no bed so she was on the blow up bed and i was on the couch.
My mattress finally came on thursday by the time my other flatmate had shown up from London but still no bed frame. So she was on a blow up bed, i was on my mattress and my other friend was on the couch. It was like a sleepover except everyone would have prefered the choice of having a sleepover as apposed to having it shoved at us due to the lack of sleeping furniture.
Today is saturday and i still dont have a bed frame and my room has gone from looking like this

to looking like this.

Not a large impovement but ive sent a very angry email to the bed peeps demanding my bed.....They still havent gotten back to me. 24 hour delivery service my ass.

Summer Lovin....

Okay so ive still got a week to go until i get internet and i really cant wait that long so im going to do a bit of blogging now.

Okay so lets cast our minds back to the summer of 2011. I had a truely awesome summer job. I think the fact that i cant tell you where i worked tells you where i worked. Maybe, i dunno.
But yeah it was amazing.
Initially i thought it would be difficult especially because i knew nothing about the company i was working for but luckily that didnt matter so much and i just learnt things along the way.
I also think it taught me a bunch of stuff, such as how much im aching to travel the world, hearing and talking to all those customers from austrailia and japan and the US just made me want to jump out from my seat and take a cab to the nearest airport and book a seat on the first plane out of here. But i couldnt so i listened and nodded and put all my force of will into staying in my seat and keeping that jealosu look of contempt off my face. I have to say by the end of the summer i had that look on lock.
As well as the job itself the people i worked with were amazing. I think the only reason i sound so enthusiastic about them is because i never make a habit of getting to know the people that i work with, as in my mind im only there for a while and once all is said and done at the end of the day the likeliness of us ever seeing each other again are slim to none. A bleak outlook i know but its also a very realistic one.
That being said by the end of the summer i have friends that i text on the regular and have plans to go and see and meet up with at their respective places in the UK and outside of.
There was also a bunch of socials, i went to a few like the treasure hunt and pay day drinks and leavers drinks, it was cool cause i finally got to try my whole "Its a friday and ive finished work and im going out for drinks with work mates even though im still in my suit" look. Yes, i know, lets all just aknowledge and move on from the oddities in my personality. Or that is my personality. Whatever.

Weird, as i went to look for this picture i see ive got an invite to a christmas reunion thing. Good signs all around.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Creepy cyber CIA

It still weird mw out that i can be searching for something on Amazon or or where ever, its even happened when ive been checkingout Irregular choice on Shuch,.
When i go to youtube or anywhere esle that does adverts, then i get this.

Dunno if you can see it very well but the adverts on the side is advertising Veronica Mars. Which i was just searching on their site amongst others like 2mins prior to refreshing the page. I get that its somewhat normal but its damn near creepy borderline psychotic that the internet knows what your doing an can link it up through other mediums etc. You all might think im nuts but when some kind of I Robot shit starts going down dont say i didnt warn you.

I've got loads to catch up on

I'll do what i can and to help me along i'll blog draft title them in advance so when i get internet at my flat i can get right on that.
So much to say and so little time to say it in. Jokes this week is shitty induction and those of us who did the Foundation course last year are just so enthusiastic at knowing everything and having it relayed to us all over again you can litterally feel our combined exstaticness vibrating through the rooms.

In other news im in the library...obvs cause of the no internet thing ive got going on at home. And the chick neext to me asked me to quieten down my music cause shes doing a math test, im more than happy to oblige for nice people.

Okay enough of that im gonna do some internet shopping.
Me needs Boxsets and DVD's and....ooh i dunno books maybe?

Till next time my fellow friends of the blogosphere.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Twitters not working!

*Commence panic attack*

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Special Birthday Post

For Sarah Rose O'Brien :)

Who is 20 today.
She's left teenagerdom behind and is officially old :)
Happy Birthday, hope you have a wicked awesome day and i will hopefully see you soon, but not soon enough.


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