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Friday, 30 September 2011

Classes and Lectures and Seminars and Such

So this week marked the start of my first week of uni. I mean i know i was there last week as well but that was all induction stuff which it turned out i didnt need to even be there for so i could have stayed an extra week at work, ut what ever Trevor, i left in perfect timing and on a high. Anyways.
So year first week. Well i say week but really my first class was on Wednesday at 5pm.
It was a broing lecture where we were just talked at about the presentation we were given to read when we got hme. Then we were shown a safty video type thing that we were going to have to do and complete once we got home again anyways. I think the word wast of time may be used to describe said lecture.

Then on thursday i had my first 9am seminar, which is a big deal for me considering i had like two last year and i dont think i turned up for half of them. So yeah, 9am. It was okay getting up considering i couldnt actually sleep that night. That and when i finally started to drift off my rail where i keep my clothes broke. It was 5am so from there, there really was no hope of sleep.
So my seminar was from 9 till 12 and im not sure if ive used the term Collosal waste of time in a while. No? Well then yeah im going to go with Collosal Waste Of Time. We got given more sheets that the tutor then went and read through on the monitor. Then we got into groups and got given a word and had to write everything thats involved in said word. Such as Ideas and Development or Research. Blahdi Bladi Blah. Oh yeah, also we got told that we have to do a blog as part of the course. Now im not to familiar with blogs so i was sooooo excited. Was my sarcasm evident in that sentence? Good didnt want to under do it.
I was watching as she entered the url for the blog example and all but found a gun to shove in my mouth and blow my brains out as she typed *Sigh*
Lets just say im not going to make the same mistake as last time and im going to use a different email address to create this Blog.

Okay so that leads us on to todays Lecture "Approaching Research" is the name of the module. I dont know why i air quoted it [minus the air] but yeah the lecturer we had was some dude that seems uber mellow and as he mad a power point of the shizz we'd be learning as apposed to just reading it staright from the hand out which didnt actually annoy me, and we know how easily annoyed i am. So yeah.
As he was reading through the shizz that we were going to be doing this module and some of the electives we'll be able to choose in 2nd and third year i wasthinking to myself. WHOOOOP. Especially cause he mentioned a 1000 word and 2500 word essay all by christmas, and i love essay writing. Also i though that i wouldnt be able to di a dissetation in this couse cause it was never on the website of in the course profile. But im allowed to choose it was an elective in my final year which is epic for me cause its one of those things that ive alwasy wanted to do. Its a University Right of Passage in my eyes. Well if your course allows you to do it. I was mega dissapointed when i thought i wouldnt be able to do it. But i can so yay.

Okay thats all, we finished the lecture early cause to be fair we werent really learning anything, but i've got a seminar with this dud at 11:30 so imma go and get some air before ive gotta be there.

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