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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Im in Sheffield Bitch

I love this city
do do do do - do do do- do do do do - do do do.

So happy to be back, i miss work but except for that there was nothing really keeping me in Londo, dont get me wrong i love it there but im the kind of person that just needs to keep moving.
So yeah on my first night back i was on the couch cause my bad hadnt arrived yet. Sad times but the couch is well comfy so im not really complaing. So yeah my friend was in France and my other flat mate hadnt moved up yet so i spent the first two nights by myself, with no internt or television. Ghastly i know. Luckily i had my laptop and a buildingly vast collecttion of DVDs and Boxsets to keep me entertained.
Then my friend came back from france, she too with no bed so she was on the blow up bed and i was on the couch.
My mattress finally came on thursday by the time my other flatmate had shown up from London but still no bed frame. So she was on a blow up bed, i was on my mattress and my other friend was on the couch. It was like a sleepover except everyone would have prefered the choice of having a sleepover as apposed to having it shoved at us due to the lack of sleeping furniture.
Today is saturday and i still dont have a bed frame and my room has gone from looking like this

to looking like this.

Not a large impovement but ive sent a very angry email to the bed peeps demanding my bed.....They still havent gotten back to me. 24 hour delivery service my ass.

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