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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Summer Lovin....

Okay so ive still got a week to go until i get internet and i really cant wait that long so im going to do a bit of blogging now.

Okay so lets cast our minds back to the summer of 2011. I had a truely awesome summer job. I think the fact that i cant tell you where i worked tells you where i worked. Maybe, i dunno.
But yeah it was amazing.
Initially i thought it would be difficult especially because i knew nothing about the company i was working for but luckily that didnt matter so much and i just learnt things along the way.
I also think it taught me a bunch of stuff, such as how much im aching to travel the world, hearing and talking to all those customers from austrailia and japan and the US just made me want to jump out from my seat and take a cab to the nearest airport and book a seat on the first plane out of here. But i couldnt so i listened and nodded and put all my force of will into staying in my seat and keeping that jealosu look of contempt off my face. I have to say by the end of the summer i had that look on lock.
As well as the job itself the people i worked with were amazing. I think the only reason i sound so enthusiastic about them is because i never make a habit of getting to know the people that i work with, as in my mind im only there for a while and once all is said and done at the end of the day the likeliness of us ever seeing each other again are slim to none. A bleak outlook i know but its also a very realistic one.
That being said by the end of the summer i have friends that i text on the regular and have plans to go and see and meet up with at their respective places in the UK and outside of.
There was also a bunch of socials, i went to a few like the treasure hunt and pay day drinks and leavers drinks, it was cool cause i finally got to try my whole "Its a friday and ive finished work and im going out for drinks with work mates even though im still in my suit" look. Yes, i know, lets all just aknowledge and move on from the oddities in my personality. Or that is my personality. Whatever.

Weird, as i went to look for this picture i see ive got an invite to a christmas reunion thing. Good signs all around.

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