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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sheffield Hallam University

Thats where im at in case you didnt know and im doing Film and Media Production, just starting my first year afeter doing a foundation year.
The foundation year has had both a negative and positive effect on me.
Positive: I know here im going, where everything is and i've been new way to oftn to care about being new or wearing the perfect outfit on the first day blah blah blah.
Negative: See last sentence above. As well as this im not even trying to make friends, i usually put in a smidge of effort but im one of those people thats perfectly happy being alone and doesnt really need people to do things with. But at the same time i'll make an effort cause im not stupid, you cant NOT have friends, and i'll tell you something else as well. Im good at making friends when i wanna be.
In this particular case. I was not in the mood. I knew everything that they were tlling me as id dont it all last year and me and the other peole who had been on my course last year were just as whingey that we had to go to this whole bullshit induction week as well. So naturally when it came to going to the ice breaker, i didnt bring a pick axe or gloves. I was so icey that Appolo couldnt melt me.

As i got to the end i warmed up a tad, trading sarcastic comments with a like minded individuals whose name i couldnt rememeber if i had a gun to my head.
Im hoping that the chip i had on my shouldner was just due to the fact that it was induction and i hate things being repeated to me, and that when i go to my first actual real lecture on Wednesday i'll be a little more psyched. I mean heck, im finally starting my actual course. whats not to be happy about?

I dont have internet, a bed frame, my apartments was unclean when i got there and we're having an argument with the estate agents, i dont have draws a proper wardrobe and i need to find a job because im burning through the cash i do have and due to the unleanliness of the apartment i dont want to cook in the kitchen so im more inclined to buy take out and i snack way more than average and need to join a gym and my eyes feel raped from practicing to put my contact lenses in and out and ive got my 3rd teach on monday and i dont know if i can take the pain and the condesending look on the barbie of a teachers face i have and i have a cold.

Like i said, whats not to be happy about.

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