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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Think im done for the time being

I don't seem to have time to do a lot of posting but i don have a major blog binge and do my best to catch you up  on my ever so tiresome and average life.

Until next time mi amigos

Three Twosomes

My friends are trying to set me up.
I'm perfectly safe when im hanging out with one of each or if im jamming with just the guys or just the girls.
I basically hang out with two twosomes.
They were all already together before i met them last year. Now the four of them live together in a two person apartment. Yikes.
So anyways they're trying to set me up with different guys.
For example; I was dancing with these two guys....Not at the same time....on Saturday and they all ganged up on me about them both, yesterday selling them too me. I'm not sure if i should be chuffed that they care or depressed that they think i need someone.
My mate Naz is prematurely excited about us doing couple-y things like going to the cinema together or out to eat. *Gag*
No more asking for an awkward table of three or five. I should point out that if they did successfully set me up with someone that we would have to take two cars everywhere. Yeah i like the sound of that as my counter argument.

I don't mind being the third or fifth wheel.


Got pissed at one of my friends this week
Cause if i call him or text him he never replies.
Happens all the time, but its okay for him to call/text me when he wants something.
If ever i see him i always have a go at him and he apologies but he still does it.

So one day he rang me and i looked at his name on the screen and pressed end.
He didn't try calling me again.

Then, when i went to my friends birthday thing, i was sitting "Playing" NBA on XBOX
and he walks in and shouts my name as he does.
I look over at him, blink then continue my game.
Everyone in the room was like Oooooooooooooooo what did you do.
He calls my name again and i look over and im like "What?" not looking over
Dude gets all sheepish and was like just saying hello.
I didn't respond.

He comes over and apologies for not calling/texting back and said that he tried to ring
the other day
I'm like, yeah i know, i saw you name come up and pressed ignore.

Eventually i start talking to him but i think he actually got the message
cause when i was in the car with the others the next day he rand me 3times
twice i didn;t hear, the third i picked up on a fluke as i was checking the time.
Wanted me to come over but obvs i was out and he was like awww i'm dibbsing you for next time.

Im hoping he'll start replying to me. Not like i call or text him often. Just once if we
haven't seen each other for at least two weeks to ask if he's okay.

How nice am i right?

Me and My Mind

This could jsut be one of those things that everyone thinks is just a personal thing but is really something that everyone thinks/feels, but i lack the ability to put myself in other peoples shoes and feel what they might feel. I can thing what they might think but that doesn't have the same effect. I'll use i few hypotheticals to stabilise my point.
Say for example that the guy who stayed in my bed was the crush of someone quite close and i knew about this crush.
Even though less than nothing happened was it still okay for us to just jam in the same bed? I had tried to kick them out and why should i have to sit on the cold couch all night? Not like we have any spare bedding.
Therefore if my hypothetical friend was then frosty with me after she found out, even though nothing happened should i be angry at her being angry for no reason because to me it didnt even occur to me that it would even be an issue.
Another hypothetical
My friend has a girlfriend, had a girlfriend before we even met, but the two of us have become really good friends, and its only cause i'm friends with him that i even know/speak to his girlfriend. Strictly friends.
Every time he sees me he shouts my name and hugs me warmly and will pick me up and stuff his girlf sends him to Tesco and he asks me to come with and even though Tesco is like a 5min walk away we take about 45mins to get there and back. When we get back she asks what took us so long. Now thins could just be because she wanted her ice lollies but it sounded double loaded and we both answered nothing at the same time. On the way to tesco and back we dawdled a lot,walked at my very slow snail pace. Stopped randomly and told jokes or just chatted, and spent 5mins riding the lift up and down just so we could chat. It never even occurred to me how much time we were taking or what his girlf would say or think.

Im not the home wrecker kind, its not my style. Well actually it is but it'd be to strangers not to people i actually know, like and consider close friends. But as you can see from my two HYPOTHETICALS it doesn't really occur to me how something that's perfectly insignificant might look to someone else.
Could be cause i don't date and im never really infatuated with people for long that i cant feel what the other person might be feeling. That or im a psychopath.


Is how long i stayed up. i had class on Friday at 9:00am so that meant i was up at 7:00am.
Then i just didnt sleep all of Friday night, then had work on Saturday till about 4:00pm then did a few bits and bobs around the house and watched Merlin before i went round to my mates house cause he was having this whole birthday weekend thing. A shit load of us went out and i eventually got back to mine around 3:00am on Sunday morning, then an hour later i was in bed. Yum.
THEN i slept till 6:00pm on Sunday before my friend picked me up and we went out to eat.
Now you tell me what time i would have had to fit in writing an essay when i was up for 45hours and asleep for 14?
Anyways. That was my weekend and man did it mess with my head a tid bit.
The nest day....Monday? My friend rings me and asks if i was busy. Like im ever busy so we just chill for a few hours before heading out to eat again. We got back to theirs and watched Avatar. The blue people. I have to say, i was actually starting to like it the second time around.

Now its Wednesday and i really didn't do much on Tuesday.
Woke up about 12:30 in the afternoon, cause i didn't get in till like 2:00am? Then did some work in bed watch American Beauty FINALLY. Headed out to a student ambassador group interview thingy then came home and chilled with my flatmate who i hadn't seen properly since about Friday to be honest. Watched The Vampire Diaries, then watch Tim Burtons Batman.
Now im here,
Fun Fun Fun

Okay so a weeks summary is in order

So lemme think lemme think.
Okay so i knew it was gonna be a real busy weekend so i did my 100word annotated bibliography essay on Wednesday/Thursday and handed it in on Friday which was like 5days before deadline day and my tutor emailed me back saying that i was the first one to hand it in blah blah blah even the person at the reception when i handed in the essay was chuffed. Okay thanks i didn't do it for the pleasure i just had plans but I'm not exactly going to mention that unless i had to.
Okay so Afrobeats was on Friday night which is essentially a black night cause they play mainly Afro Beats. Geddit? So yeah i dont know a lot of afrobeats, but my friend loves them and she some how managed to drag force me into going. In all fairness its not like she'd go to a rock concert with me. Im just saying. Luckily i like all kinds of music, and afro beats-beats are quite hard. Yeah anyways, we got there by 11:30 cause it was only £5. Zing, then it was shit for about an hour so we just sat around until it picked up and shuffled on over to the dance floor.
Did i mention that i had work the next day at 8:30am? Yeah well that was part of the other reason i didn't want to go in the first place. I said we should leave at about 1:00am so i could get at least 5hours sleep but then the music got real good and then loads more people showed up and my friend was dancing with this dude and i didnt want to separate them. So we stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Then next thing you know its 3:30am. Thats usually my cut off point in terms of getting to sleep for the night cause by the time you calculate it you wont get into bed for another hour, then id have to be up in two and id rather have no sleep than a taste of it.

So yeah we went home and we were just chatting then a friend of a friend rang up, just someone that we saw at the club and i had mentioned  that i wasnt sleeping too, and decided to turn up. Fun.
It was a weird night, he decided that he was tired and wanted to sleep. I said bye and pointed to the door but he insisted on sleeping in my bed. I was like, sure whatever its not like i was going to sleep anyways. My friend goes to sleep and im sitting next to him trying to read and keep awake as he's chatting away. He eventually fell asleep for a while as i continued reading. Then i got up 2hours later and got ready for work and kicked him out of the apartment on my way.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cry Me A River and I'll Bottle The Tears

So i'm not sure whether or not i've mentioned it before but my older sister is off to Ukraine to study Dentistry. Its a long story to do with Pharmacy, the UK education system and randomness but essentially it is what it is.
Now i've known she's been going for a while now, since about mid August if not earlier, but you know whatever.  So yeah i've know shes been going for a while now and i last saw her about a month ago as i went off back to Sheffield. The date of her leaving was only confirmed about last week, and she's going tomorrow. Her laptop is screwed up and its gone for repairs so i cant skype her, though i do speak to her everyday. Not because i miss her but more because she puts up with me and listens to all the random gobbledy gook that comes out of my mouth, she excepts my weird theories and takes them as seriously as i do instead of treating it like a joke which is what a lot of people tend to do when i speak. So yeah anyways i called her tonight just to get a general idea of when she was levaing to morrow and how her packing and stuff was going, then after we finished talking she was like; Okay Bye. Then hung up.
Okay so for those of you who know me, you know that i'm not a big cryer. I only cry when i'm REALLY angry at someone, and considering im quite a jam laid back person is very very rare. So because of this emotional defect i tend to just burst into tears on random occasion. This would be one of them. I called her back and asked her why she was leaving me. I do tend to get a bit dramatic if you hadn't noticed. And i'm sobbing on the phone, then i wailing, then im trying to compose myself cause she's laughing and im inbetween doing both cause i know how ridiculous the situation is. Then it sounds like she's crying, though i'm not sure cause she sounded a bit like a cat and the two of us are between laughter and tears cause that's just how we roll.
Anyways, i think its just cause i haven't even gotten to skype her since i've come to uni, because i didn't have internet and then her laptop went away to be fixed, so year. Sad weepy times all around. Thenn i went into the livingroom and cryed on my friends unsuspecting shoulder for about 10seconds before i FINALLY managed to convince myself i was okay, then the tears just stopped. None of that after crying hiccoughy stuff either. I can just turn it off like that. Its weird. But yeah.
She's not coming back till next summer either so yeah. Even happier times now.
I guess this makes me acting oldest when i get back to London.
Fun Fun Fun.
The titles a bit dramatic but it's what i do best

Monday, 10 October 2011

Random Video

New Favourite Advert.

Im currently reading

And this is essentially my third take on attemoting to finsh this book and i just thought id let you all know that im doing very well, page 208/453. Chapter 28/50. Though i took off the cover and its just a burgundy hardback and so everyone thinks im sitting around reading the bible. Im not.

Fingers Crossed

I get interent on the 14th.
That basically means ive been without internet for 2days short of an exact month.
Ive go so much TV to catch up on, and work to do that means i dont have to spend hours in the library like i am in now.
But yeah besides all of that malarky, i havent done a lot this week.

Ive seen two movies: Abduction and Melancholia. Suffice to say one was absolutly ah-mazing and the other was a laughable dud with potential but poor execution. Im not going to tell you which was which. You can read about it on my movie blog once ive caught up with all my posts, WHICH would have been done by now if not for the whole lack of internet.
Ive also had work on saturday 11:00-6:30 sad times cause theres no time left in the day for yourself cause its right in the middle. Then i went home and couldnt watch Merlin which actually broke my heart slightly, mostly because it was what i was using to keep me going through the day at work when ever someone on the phones was being an incomprehendable docuche.
My flat mate had people over who i think came over to specifically watch X-Factor and she thought Merlin was on a 7:00 but it was at 8:00. Im not a mean person so i let them watch it and sat through the majority before getting my friend to pick me up.
I decided to just spend the night. Me him and two of his friends just chilled at his place listening to music drinking (there was no way i was walking home or allowing him to drive me home drunk) and playing x-box and i filed my nails into a square as apposed to the round claws they usually are, and decked them out with a nice black varnish. All the boys agreed they looked really really good :)

Now im in the library (naturally) because since saturday morning ive been feeling really queasy and confused and i read my diary that sai i was in at 9:00, but i thought it was wrong and checked online and i dont know what i was looking at but then it said 10 so i changed it in my diary to 10. I turn up at 10 and theres no one there and it turns out it was 9:00. ARG! I dunno, i dwaddled outside of the room for all of 90seconds before i decided it really wasnt worth it to walk in an hour late with some lame assed excuse, so im here. My next class is at 14:00. And i've triple checked that bitch cause obviously the art of double checking is officially redundant.
But yeah im still feeling out of sorts. I dunno. I dont liek the feeling its like im just waiting to through up or break out in cold and hot sweats and faint all at the same time.
Okay im gonna go and work a bit more on my movie blog.
Check It:


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