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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cry Me A River and I'll Bottle The Tears

So i'm not sure whether or not i've mentioned it before but my older sister is off to Ukraine to study Dentistry. Its a long story to do with Pharmacy, the UK education system and randomness but essentially it is what it is.
Now i've known she's been going for a while now, since about mid August if not earlier, but you know whatever.  So yeah i've know shes been going for a while now and i last saw her about a month ago as i went off back to Sheffield. The date of her leaving was only confirmed about last week, and she's going tomorrow. Her laptop is screwed up and its gone for repairs so i cant skype her, though i do speak to her everyday. Not because i miss her but more because she puts up with me and listens to all the random gobbledy gook that comes out of my mouth, she excepts my weird theories and takes them as seriously as i do instead of treating it like a joke which is what a lot of people tend to do when i speak. So yeah anyways i called her tonight just to get a general idea of when she was levaing to morrow and how her packing and stuff was going, then after we finished talking she was like; Okay Bye. Then hung up.
Okay so for those of you who know me, you know that i'm not a big cryer. I only cry when i'm REALLY angry at someone, and considering im quite a jam laid back person is very very rare. So because of this emotional defect i tend to just burst into tears on random occasion. This would be one of them. I called her back and asked her why she was leaving me. I do tend to get a bit dramatic if you hadn't noticed. And i'm sobbing on the phone, then i wailing, then im trying to compose myself cause she's laughing and im inbetween doing both cause i know how ridiculous the situation is. Then it sounds like she's crying, though i'm not sure cause she sounded a bit like a cat and the two of us are between laughter and tears cause that's just how we roll.
Anyways, i think its just cause i haven't even gotten to skype her since i've come to uni, because i didn't have internet and then her laptop went away to be fixed, so year. Sad weepy times all around. Thenn i went into the livingroom and cryed on my friends unsuspecting shoulder for about 10seconds before i FINALLY managed to convince myself i was okay, then the tears just stopped. None of that after crying hiccoughy stuff either. I can just turn it off like that. Its weird. But yeah.
She's not coming back till next summer either so yeah. Even happier times now.
I guess this makes me acting oldest when i get back to London.
Fun Fun Fun.
The titles a bit dramatic but it's what i do best

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