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Monday, 10 October 2011

Fingers Crossed

I get interent on the 14th.
That basically means ive been without internet for 2days short of an exact month.
Ive go so much TV to catch up on, and work to do that means i dont have to spend hours in the library like i am in now.
But yeah besides all of that malarky, i havent done a lot this week.

Ive seen two movies: Abduction and Melancholia. Suffice to say one was absolutly ah-mazing and the other was a laughable dud with potential but poor execution. Im not going to tell you which was which. You can read about it on my movie blog once ive caught up with all my posts, WHICH would have been done by now if not for the whole lack of internet.
Ive also had work on saturday 11:00-6:30 sad times cause theres no time left in the day for yourself cause its right in the middle. Then i went home and couldnt watch Merlin which actually broke my heart slightly, mostly because it was what i was using to keep me going through the day at work when ever someone on the phones was being an incomprehendable docuche.
My flat mate had people over who i think came over to specifically watch X-Factor and she thought Merlin was on a 7:00 but it was at 8:00. Im not a mean person so i let them watch it and sat through the majority before getting my friend to pick me up.
I decided to just spend the night. Me him and two of his friends just chilled at his place listening to music drinking (there was no way i was walking home or allowing him to drive me home drunk) and playing x-box and i filed my nails into a square as apposed to the round claws they usually are, and decked them out with a nice black varnish. All the boys agreed they looked really really good :)

Now im in the library (naturally) because since saturday morning ive been feeling really queasy and confused and i read my diary that sai i was in at 9:00, but i thought it was wrong and checked online and i dont know what i was looking at but then it said 10 so i changed it in my diary to 10. I turn up at 10 and theres no one there and it turns out it was 9:00. ARG! I dunno, i dwaddled outside of the room for all of 90seconds before i decided it really wasnt worth it to walk in an hour late with some lame assed excuse, so im here. My next class is at 14:00. And i've triple checked that bitch cause obviously the art of double checking is officially redundant.
But yeah im still feeling out of sorts. I dunno. I dont liek the feeling its like im just waiting to through up or break out in cold and hot sweats and faint all at the same time.
Okay im gonna go and work a bit more on my movie blog.
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