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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Got pissed at one of my friends this week
Cause if i call him or text him he never replies.
Happens all the time, but its okay for him to call/text me when he wants something.
If ever i see him i always have a go at him and he apologies but he still does it.

So one day he rang me and i looked at his name on the screen and pressed end.
He didn't try calling me again.

Then, when i went to my friends birthday thing, i was sitting "Playing" NBA on XBOX
and he walks in and shouts my name as he does.
I look over at him, blink then continue my game.
Everyone in the room was like Oooooooooooooooo what did you do.
He calls my name again and i look over and im like "What?" not looking over
Dude gets all sheepish and was like just saying hello.
I didn't respond.

He comes over and apologies for not calling/texting back and said that he tried to ring
the other day
I'm like, yeah i know, i saw you name come up and pressed ignore.

Eventually i start talking to him but i think he actually got the message
cause when i was in the car with the others the next day he rand me 3times
twice i didn;t hear, the third i picked up on a fluke as i was checking the time.
Wanted me to come over but obvs i was out and he was like awww i'm dibbsing you for next time.

Im hoping he'll start replying to me. Not like i call or text him often. Just once if we
haven't seen each other for at least two weeks to ask if he's okay.

How nice am i right?

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