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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Me and My Mind

This could jsut be one of those things that everyone thinks is just a personal thing but is really something that everyone thinks/feels, but i lack the ability to put myself in other peoples shoes and feel what they might feel. I can thing what they might think but that doesn't have the same effect. I'll use i few hypotheticals to stabilise my point.
Say for example that the guy who stayed in my bed was the crush of someone quite close and i knew about this crush.
Even though less than nothing happened was it still okay for us to just jam in the same bed? I had tried to kick them out and why should i have to sit on the cold couch all night? Not like we have any spare bedding.
Therefore if my hypothetical friend was then frosty with me after she found out, even though nothing happened should i be angry at her being angry for no reason because to me it didnt even occur to me that it would even be an issue.
Another hypothetical
My friend has a girlfriend, had a girlfriend before we even met, but the two of us have become really good friends, and its only cause i'm friends with him that i even know/speak to his girlfriend. Strictly friends.
Every time he sees me he shouts my name and hugs me warmly and will pick me up and stuff his girlf sends him to Tesco and he asks me to come with and even though Tesco is like a 5min walk away we take about 45mins to get there and back. When we get back she asks what took us so long. Now thins could just be because she wanted her ice lollies but it sounded double loaded and we both answered nothing at the same time. On the way to tesco and back we dawdled a lot,walked at my very slow snail pace. Stopped randomly and told jokes or just chatted, and spent 5mins riding the lift up and down just so we could chat. It never even occurred to me how much time we were taking or what his girlf would say or think.

Im not the home wrecker kind, its not my style. Well actually it is but it'd be to strangers not to people i actually know, like and consider close friends. But as you can see from my two HYPOTHETICALS it doesn't really occur to me how something that's perfectly insignificant might look to someone else.
Could be cause i don't date and im never really infatuated with people for long that i cant feel what the other person might be feeling. That or im a psychopath.

1 comment:

  1. i understand why flat mate is mad but she's jus jealous she'll get over it
    gf is jealous too but not as bad
    && i wouldn't worry about it
    as we've discussed :)



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