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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Okay so a weeks summary is in order

So lemme think lemme think.
Okay so i knew it was gonna be a real busy weekend so i did my 100word annotated bibliography essay on Wednesday/Thursday and handed it in on Friday which was like 5days before deadline day and my tutor emailed me back saying that i was the first one to hand it in blah blah blah even the person at the reception when i handed in the essay was chuffed. Okay thanks i didn't do it for the pleasure i just had plans but I'm not exactly going to mention that unless i had to.
Okay so Afrobeats was on Friday night which is essentially a black night cause they play mainly Afro Beats. Geddit? So yeah i dont know a lot of afrobeats, but my friend loves them and she some how managed to drag force me into going. In all fairness its not like she'd go to a rock concert with me. Im just saying. Luckily i like all kinds of music, and afro beats-beats are quite hard. Yeah anyways, we got there by 11:30 cause it was only £5. Zing, then it was shit for about an hour so we just sat around until it picked up and shuffled on over to the dance floor.
Did i mention that i had work the next day at 8:30am? Yeah well that was part of the other reason i didn't want to go in the first place. I said we should leave at about 1:00am so i could get at least 5hours sleep but then the music got real good and then loads more people showed up and my friend was dancing with this dude and i didnt want to separate them. So we stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Then next thing you know its 3:30am. Thats usually my cut off point in terms of getting to sleep for the night cause by the time you calculate it you wont get into bed for another hour, then id have to be up in two and id rather have no sleep than a taste of it.

So yeah we went home and we were just chatting then a friend of a friend rang up, just someone that we saw at the club and i had mentioned  that i wasnt sleeping too, and decided to turn up. Fun.
It was a weird night, he decided that he was tired and wanted to sleep. I said bye and pointed to the door but he insisted on sleeping in my bed. I was like, sure whatever its not like i was going to sleep anyways. My friend goes to sleep and im sitting next to him trying to read and keep awake as he's chatting away. He eventually fell asleep for a while as i continued reading. Then i got up 2hours later and got ready for work and kicked him out of the apartment on my way.

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