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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Three Twosomes

My friends are trying to set me up.
I'm perfectly safe when im hanging out with one of each or if im jamming with just the guys or just the girls.
I basically hang out with two twosomes.
They were all already together before i met them last year. Now the four of them live together in a two person apartment. Yikes.
So anyways they're trying to set me up with different guys.
For example; I was dancing with these two guys....Not at the same time....on Saturday and they all ganged up on me about them both, yesterday selling them too me. I'm not sure if i should be chuffed that they care or depressed that they think i need someone.
My mate Naz is prematurely excited about us doing couple-y things like going to the cinema together or out to eat. *Gag*
No more asking for an awkward table of three or five. I should point out that if they did successfully set me up with someone that we would have to take two cars everywhere. Yeah i like the sound of that as my counter argument.

I don't mind being the third or fifth wheel.



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