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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Club Photography

So my friend asked me to film this club event last week, but it was a dead night (Cause Halloween weekend was just over allegedly) so I didn't end up doing it. This week though he was like yeah its gonna be live. I was like skeeeeen. But i agreed, cause i mean why the hell not right? That and the even was literally across the road. I mean I can see it from my balcony. As in I step out of the lobby onto the pavement and I cross the street. Yeah.

So yeah I'm at the club and to begin with its quite dead and I'm just taking a few shots of the early comers. Then next thing you know as I'm sitting in the corner on my phone (Kinda near to the entrance so I can see everyone coming in) I look over then I look back over then my head shoots up and I look back and I realise I'm seeing this guy who I refer to as The Fairy Tale Love Of My Life. Lets not forget how wild my imagination is and how melodramatic I can be okay?
I just kind of call him that because of the way we met and randomly bump into each other. I don't actually know him that well but he seems like a douchey player. All the hot ones are. Its understandable in his case though.
So yeah I've mentioned him in a few blog posts:

This is literally the third time we've had an encounter. So I'm still sitting in the corner but he's Mr popular so he's chatting to a few people by the door. I get up and wander around the bar a bit, snap some pics of some peeps then wonder back over to around my stool, and he just so happens to be sitting less than a meter away. So before I plonk my lazy ass down again I go up to him and the chick he's sitting next to and ask them if the want their picture taken. (All casual like) Then as I'm gearing up my camera he tilts his head to the side and points to me and says "Don't I know you?" I'm a pro when it comes to playing dumb, so i tell him to hold up a second. Quickly snap his picture then get closer to him; "What we're you saying?" and he repeats himself. then I'm all "Erm....You do? Where from?" And he's like, "Don't you live down the road?" Then my memory suddenly comes back out of know where and I suddenly remember where I know him from ;)

Sadly that's as close as we got that night as I was "working" and the bar was loud and he knows a lot of people. He did stand next to me and i took him bottle of wine and swigged a bit.

Till next time Dan, Mon Amour

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  1. quite a few people take pictures on club nights?

    how you get that gig?



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