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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Doubley Stood Up

I was all set to watch the movie In Time on Tuesday cause i have an Odeon points card and i get 25% off on Tuesdays. Anyways we and my friends we driving around on Monday trying to find a Pizza Hut and i mentioned i was going to see it. Then one of them mentioned that we should go and see it together. I straight up said no. Id planned to see it myself and i was looking forward to it etc. They did the whole calling me a loner thing and i was like yeah yeah yeah whatever. In the end i relented, mostly because if I went with them then it meant we go to Cineworld, and we all know how shit the screen at Odeon are. So yeah Tuesday evening we were going to go

It got to Tuesday and i text them and was like the 18:55 on looks good, but then i a text asking of I could find anything earlier because my friend had basketball at 9:00 so wouldn't be able to see it all. There wasn't another one on so I'm a little peeved. But especially cause i was busy on Wednesday afternoon. But they agreed to pick me up at 10:30am so we could go see the 11:00am showing. I was like sure whatever.
That night i was doing a bit of club photography (Which reminds me about something else i need to blog about actually) and so didn't get in till like 4:00am and was in bed half an hour later, but i still managed to get myself up 5hours later to get ready to meet them at 10:30. It was cool cause they were picking me up. It got to 10:30 and I didn't hear a word. I didn't hear anything from then until 4:15 in the afternoon.
I know I could have text them asking where they were when they were like 10mins late, and i wasn't really all that surprised when they didn't show up, which made me have a few realisations:
1. I expect people to let me down
2. I like being angry at people
Luckily these tow things work hand in hand.
At the same time why should i have needed to text them anyways? They said 10:30 and i was ready. The End. I did my thing at uni then just went next door to Odeon. It pissed me off especially because i caught the 18:00 viewing ant it was a Wednesday which means a few thing.
1. Its Orange Wednesday so the cinema if full
2. Its after 17:00 so its more expensive and they let anyone in.
All things I try and avoid especially because i go and see movies so often.

They called me around 4 and i didnt answer (Mainly cause i was in uni and the room i was using had a class on) then after i did watch the movie i had like another 4missed calls. I didn't bother replying. I think it finally got to 9:00ish when they called and i answered. Actually it wasn't even them who called it was a friend so that made me look even more pissed cause i wasn't answering their calls but i answered him. Whatever. The guy tried to shift the blame on me. I was like, Hell no it was your idea and i was ready im not your mum, if you can get to a lecture for 9 then its not my fault you cant get to an arrangement for 10:30.

Okay thats the end Pretty sure i waffled for most of this post but meh.
Also you note that i keep using the words "THEY didn't pick up" and other such plural related words. I was going to see the movie with half of my couple friends. Partly another reason why i didn't want to go with them. A small one but a reason non the less.


  1. i quite like being angry at people sometimes


  2. fucking auto correct lion mac shite




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