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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hair dressers

Is a place I really hate going, I'm the kind of person that cant sit still for long periods of time and my mother used to hate doing my hair when I was younger and even now if I need her to help me take something out or attach something back to it I would fidget and she'd hit my head with the comb, Good Times :')

So anyways I need to get my hair redone every 6 to 8 weeks, and in Sheffield its hard to find a place that does Afro/Caribbean hair like there's just literally just this one place and its not even a while salon dedicated to it, its just this one lady who rents the space with a bunch of others.
I've been to her once before and it was meh. She tried to over charge me but I usually know what I'm talking about so she dropped the price. So this time round i was going to have some chick I met do it for me but she never text me back so I rang through and she told me to come over at about 2:30pm.
I am currently super busy with a shit load of work to do for the 3weeks so in my head I had planned out what time to pause my work, get ready and leave, how long it would take and what time I would be back. I got there at 2:30pm and she was with someone else so I sat down and waited, it was okay cause I factored in like 10mins in case she was with someone else. 20 mins later I asked her how long she would be and she said 20mins. I was all "Fo Reals?" she said yeah and I was like, Gosh sigh I'm going to have to change some plans now. You know, tryna guilt trip her and make her hurry up. It was also fortunate that I had brought my work with me so I plugged myself in and did some reading and note taking, the next thing I know it was quarter past 3. I decided to myself that I would wait till it was 3:30 then get up and leave and express my unhappiness and I even came up with a kicking exit like "Next time I would appreciate that if you give me a time you stick to it. Actually no it doesn't matter there wont be a next time." Good right? so yeah I get up at 3:29pm and go and start my speech *"I'm leaving now, you cant tell someone 2:30 and expect them to be waiting an hour-" she cut me off and started apologising and telling me not to be angry at my sister. I was like "This is the second time I've met you, this is unprofessional-"again she cut me off and started to hug me, and I pushed her hands away and she kept apologising and the person she was with started to say that it was her fault and offered to move over and let her do my hair instead. At this point there was 5seconds of silence, the only sound coming from the radio in the other room.. Cant remember what it was playing, but then I nodded real slow, and she hugged me and I allowed her to do so before taking my seat. An hour later I was done and she was apologising again and saying that she would have been thinking about me all day if I had walked out and that I would be thinking that she's a bad person. I let that last part hang in the air as I just looked at her, then reached for my bag and coat, paid her and walked out with no comment of whether or not I would be back.

*I should most likely add that I have one weakness that people take the wrong way of they don't know me. I cry when I'm angry, like when I'm boiling on the inside with rage. You may think that I'm angry when I'm having a go at people or in the middle of an over the top screaming match, but that's all physical, like I'm going through the motions, on the inside I'm never actually as angry as I'm making out to be. But when the tears start streaming, that's when you know. It's really annoying because I don't even notice it until half way through my voice will crack or something and I'll tough my cheeks and I'm like, Damn It Not Again. So yeah.

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