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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hi....My Name Is...

So I've been blogging for a while now, and who knows if anyone even reads this schnizz any more, BUT it occurred to me the other day (which is generally the day all my good ideas come to me)
....Do you know who I think I am?

Name: Jennifer Francis

I also respond to the following: Jennie, Jen, Gwen, Genvieve (John-vie-ev), Penelope, Franie, Thug, Yo Bitch.

Age: 19
Love being 19, it's an awesome age that comes with no attachments and i fell like it fits me well, also can't wait to be 20 just to have that whole "Teen" thing dropped once and forever more. Also I'm the youngest in my ground of friends which is a new experience.

Height: 5ft4 (and a half)
That extra half an inch is very important *Cough* That's what she said *End Cough* I like my height, it's cool and very definitive I think.

Education: University in Sheffield
Doing the whole Film and Media Production thing, was hating on it at first but meh, what's life without a little annoyance, difficulty and disappointment? Though to be honest I'm kind of understanding the relevance of some of the stuff they teach, and got told by a guy it gets better in the next two years. First year is just to get rid of the weak. One thing I am not is weak.

Bio: Where you from and let it spread from there.
Okay so I originally lived in East London, and I still claim it, I'd claim anywhere faster than I would Chadwell Heath, which is sadly in Essex which is where i now reside. I actually can't stand it there, like actually, unexplainably so, but I smile and I go into town and so on because I know there is no escape. Maybe one day I will put into words why I resent the place so much but today isn't that day.

Random Point
The almost reckless need to keep changing, the thought of staying the same way or in the same place for the rest of your life is too painful to think about.

Family Members: 6 (Including Myself)
Mother: Who gives me too much jokes and doesn't even realise it.
Father: *Cough*.
Older Sister (21): In Ukraine studying for one reason or another, I dunno I just go along with it.
Younger sister (15): Little smarty pants. Sweet kid, likes the same stuff I do.
Brother (11?) He's trouble and his life makes me confused. Mostly cause I can never remember what year he's in or who his friends are or what he talks about.

Loves: General
Ooooh, I don't quite know, I suppose junk food. No all food. I love food. Also Reading and watching movies :)

Hates: General
Erm, touchy feely people and the colour orange.

Movies: General 
Plot wise then I'd say Non Linear and 6degree of separation styled movies.

Television: What do you watch
We haven't got enough time in the day to go through them all.

Music: Genre
Mainly Alternative, Pop Rock, Rock Rock, RnB, General Pop, the odd Country and Classical.

Thoughts or Philosophies: Quotes etc
Live Free or Die Hard - Die Hard.

TV taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal -Marina and the Diamonds.

I'll probably be this way till my dying day -Eminem.

It's a beautiful lie, It's the perfect denial -30 seconds to Mars.


  1. I'm sad that I'll be 20 next year and no longer a teen :( you can get away with much more with the excuse that 'i'm a teenager' rather than 'im an adult'. OH WELL. also, agree about essex. and 100% agree with your random point, I get depressed just hinking about that.

  2. oh oh btw those were stickers on my nails :D

  3. i fecking hate chadwell heath
    but this you already know
    and wow didn't know i was that much taker than you



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