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Monday, 21 November 2011

I feel all queasy on the inside

Damn you lactose Intolerance.
I inherited it from my father
Usually its okay cause I never have cereal
So no need for milk
and  hardly have a large consumption of cheese in one day.

But today I went over board.
Had cereal this morning (Lucky Charms obvs)
A nice chuck of cheese cake
Scoop of ice cream
Went pizza hut and asked for extra cheese.


By the time I got home that was it. Couldn't stay and watch Misfit cause I thought I was going to be sick, spent 20mins on the bathroom floor, before I opted to lie on my stomach in bed.
That helps, the only downside is that as soon as I get up I feel like shit all over again.

My flatmates were really nice, came and asked if I was okay, considering I disappeared before the first break.
Obvs they're nice people. I say flatmates but they're also my friends, considering I chose to live with them this year in our swanky apartment. We have this little joke where we get angry if we refer to each other as flatmates and not friends.

Gonna watch last nights Merlin to cheer myself up.


1 comment:

  1. i know what you mean when your housemates are you friends
    i opt for housemate cos its easier and when people get to know their name jus say their name

    and i didn't know this?!



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