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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

One For The Money

Okay so we all should know by now how much i love the series. Actually that's an understatement, The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is one of my top 3 favourite book series and I have been anticipating the movie release for give or take three years.
I have watched and waited as it was in talks, as they played around with release dates, pushed said dates forward and back, put it on ice for a while and when they considered Sandra Bullock for the role of protagonist Stephanie.
But that's all in the past. When I heard they we're using Heigl instead, at first I was pissed because I didn't see it, then I was furious because I take the world of television very seriously, and after watching her in Greys Anatomy I  hated her character and thus i started to form a disdain for the actual person. Sad I know but I cant help it (I'm still pissed at Orlando Bloom for his role in Troy, but I'm slowly defrosting) So yeah I was angry cause if I didn't like her then I wouldn't like the movie.......I've really lost focus and track about what I'm talking about so I'm just going to jump and say that as I watched the trailer I didn't like who they picked to play any of the characters, except for Lula, her I can deal with. BUT as I went on, I did have a huge grin plastered on my face so all hope isn't lost. I think it was helped by the fact that they used a lot if elements from the book and that always pleases me. Any who the movie's not out until January in the US and summer in the UK which sucks. But nothing is set in stone.

She just looks wrong *Sigh*

1 comment:

  1. omg i was thinking about this as twilights jus come out
    and was gonna ask whether you'd seen trailer

    && Summer!!
    ffffsss I was looking forward to january



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