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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Quick Angry Post

It really irks me when people call me stupid for dumbness reasons.
Today I was out for lunch with this person and they showed me a picture of a beach in Nigeria on their phone and my immediate response was
"Wooow I didn't know they had beaches in Nigeria" and the dude was like "Don't be stupid" but in a really harsh way.
Okay I know it may seem really obvious to some people and a few of you reading this will agree with the dude, but in all fairness I've never been and the thought has never occurred to me.
If someone had said to me: Does Nigeria have beaches? I may have stopped and thought and realised where its placed in Africa and come to the conclusion that it most likely did have beaches. But that didn't happen.

My personal perception on the place is only based on the jokes or random questions I'd randomly ask my mother but in general stories or answered questions, not once did they mention beaches. Streams and Rivers and Lakes and Watering Holes (Jokes) yes but not beaches so why would I ever need to give it a second thought.
I did snap back at the dude and refused to acknowledge anything they said for a while even after they apologised, but it just getting my blood boiling. Well i might not have known it before but i know it now, its called learning.
I also looked at a few beach shots and I didn't realise the place looked to beautiful, in my head every things got a yellow tint

Okay rant over but I'm still pissed especially cause i allowed this dude to stay in my bed for the night whilst i didn't sleep, on the couch. Post later maybe?

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