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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Taking Things Seriously

Yesterday i had my first assessment.
It was based on that place we went to Edale, and if you remember i found it so boring and me and my partner got on the 4:30pm train back as opposed to waited for the 7:29pm one because we were essentially don't by 3:00pm and sat in the pub with a bunch of other people that had finished. The weather was shitty so its not like we could have filmed any more if we had even wanted to. The hell i was sitting in that pub for another 4 and a half hours so we left.

Fast forward to my assessment on Thursday and during the feedback one of the tutors. Thinks she's the module leader cause she doesn't teach me. Anyways she comes out and saying
"I think you guys have no excuse for not having enough shots because you were one of the first one to leave" The whole classroom starts cracking up with laughter and so did me and my friend. It was horrible. Well horrible funny but still horrible. It was actually uncontrollable. After we had sat down and peeps were chatting to us they were all saying how unfair it was for her to bring that up, cause if it was that much of a big deal then why not email us or request to have a word around the time it had happened. They were saying that she looked like she had been waiting three weeks just to point it out. That's true to be honest. I didn't actually think of it at the time. Im usually the one to argue back with anyone but i was to busy laughing my ass off to fully comprehend the situation. After at like the very end she made a comment about people not taking the assessments seriously and that to remember it is like an exam. Yes i heard that hint loud and motherfucking clear.

I think its just deep if she fails us over that cause at the time we were done and we werent even the first ones to be finished, we just left first. Deep times, also i think we worked really hard on our project considering how much we hated the POS.

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