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Friday, 4 November 2011

Thinking about it

Ive got a hell of a lot of work to do for uni.
But i'm okay with it, not feeling totally overloaded-yet, feel like im coping, lets face it the stuff that i'm doing isnt necessarily hard its just fitting everything around each other. That and working in a group or pair means that you have to agree on a time and place and idea and your just sitting there thinking, eughk if i was working by myself i'd be done in a week. But whatever i suppose its good to work in groups and work and what not.
A lot of the time i'd prefer to do things by myself but thats mainly because of the way i work, i like to get things done and over with so i have loads of the time at then when everyones panicing and just starting to just relax and go see a movie or whatever of you get what im saying man i havent used any full stops in a while pause.
Other than that i havent been doing a lot, ignoring some friends cause i need a vacation but i think i'll start replying come Saturday? I started this i think when i left their house on Saturday or Sunday night and i bumped into one of them on Monday and another on today so whats another day and a half.
Also theres this guy who was on my course last year and we speak just randomly like you know if theres no one else to talk to and what not, and all this time i never realised that i didnt know his name, that or i thought it was something elsem something mor along the lines of Andy or Adam, but i found out that his nmae was Christi. Yup. My thoughts exacvtly.
Gotta love life eh?
My flatmates are leaving me tonight, ones going home till Monday and the others just going off to Manchester till sometime tomorrow, she said she'd be back by the time i get back from work..
Which reminds me, i still havent got my hours yet. Hmmm.

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