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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Time Flys When You're Blogging

I should go to sleep, though I had like a 4hour nap this afternoon, I'm not sure what time I  start work tomorrow. I read last week it was 12:30 - 8:00 but its subject to change and no one called me and when I called the Bridge after my nap they were closed. Whoopsi.

Wish my posts had more pictures but I haven't taken a single on this year and I realise you guys don't even know what i look like any more. Hmmmm imma have to rectify these things, I'll probs to a picture post soon, just the random images that are on my phone, nothing special.
Finally got to skype my sister after 3weeks of last hearing her voice and 10weeks of not seeing her face. It was aite.
Okay sleep, gotta be up in 10 and a half hours.

Random stuff

The Mentalist has started
I'm way behind on House
I'm behind on Gossip Girl
I'm not enjoying my course
Merlin. MERLIN! i know right?!
Should be seeing Immortals on Tuesday
Pretty Little Liars Starts on Wednesday
Finally Started Greys Anatomy season 8

I need to get out of the flat more
But one thing at a time eh?

(I also realise that I blog so that I don't have to write. This is bad.)


  1. Its me again, anoymous! LOOOOOOOL i watch all that stuff too. and yeah, you do need to get out of the flat more hahaha. i hope you start enjoying ur course, im only in yr 11 and i think it important for university students to enjoy their courses. You tlked to ur sister, thats great! i tlked to my sister that lives in ukraine too yester, shes so crazy! i'd LOVE to hear more about your family, maybe u could do a proffile on one inparticular??? as always, great blogging jennifer. i mean jen ;)

  2. haaha, i dnt watch any tv at all!! (mainly because im always on blogger or sims but SHHHH) i didnt know you were even IN uni! just shows how non-observant i am eh?
    Rose ~<3



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