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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year?

Who cares?
To me it's just another day.
I don't know maybe because I have to go to Church every New Years Eve with my parents from about 11pm till 1 am or something is the reason that I'm so bitter but I very much doubt it.
There's been the odd instance where we don't go and me and the sibs would watch a movie or just do our own thing and not really acknowledge it.
I just don't see the big deal, congratulating one and other for making it through another year, isn't that what your birthdays for? Why confuse things?
I have nothing against the parties or the church goings or any of that its just the actuality of it. But just ignore the bitter rantings of an old lady. I was always a hater.

I usually just joke my way through the New Year to keep from being bitter, make "See you next year" jokes and stuff, but meh, who even has the effort any more eh?

Strangely enough I do make new year resolutions, though when you look at them they're not resolution its more like a list of stuff that I need to get out of the way for the year. I do the same thing on/around my birthday, when it's the summer holidays, when school starts up in September. I'm just a list loving freak.
I have forgotten the point of this whole message. And all this ranting hasn't improved my mood or my headache.
My mum's working tonight which my dad's not happy about, it just gave me jokes cause he's probably angry he didn't get in there first. I hope we don't have to go anywhere cause I am so not in the mood.

Till next year.

(Random Rant Don't feel obliged to read)

I have a headache and I woke up on the miserable side of the bed this morning. We have people round AGAIN. One of which is my cousin who was here the other day with my other cousins, I don't mind, she's nice. She's 21 and I haven't seen her in about 14years cause she lives in Canada, he dad was here last year and her oldest sister, who is getting marraied in Feburary in Nigeria but I can't go cause I have uni. Aint that a bitch?
Any ways, with her is her cousins, no relation to us, as its her mums sisters family and we're related by our dads. Anyways it's bad enoug that I am in a rotton mood but I hate making nice in the first place. My cousins cousin is also at Sheffield and I may have mentioned her as someone that I had to make nice with during the summer, she's 16 and goes to the international college there. BLAH.
Don't know what's put me in this rotten assed mood but I don't care.
As well as that it's new years eve.
Hmmm think I am going to continue this rant in a new post.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Extended Christmas

Was fun :)
One thing I love about the holidays is the mass of movies I get to watch.
Saw The Grinch for the first time yesterday. Gasp I know but there's a long story as to why It's taken me so long which I'm not going to get into. Also young Taylor Momsen is so adorable, it's hard to see her turning out as the annoying rocker chick she is today.

Also watched Tangled, which was funny and fun and I approve allowing Rapunzel to be a Disney Princess.
Anyways iit's been 3days of bliss and now I have a 2500word essay to be getting on with so yeah. That.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas To All

Been a weird one so far.
For one it doesn't even feel; like Christmas so that threw me off.
They cause it's a Sunday we had to go to church. It was 'aite cause I looked adorable ;)
Then we came home and opened presents.
I only asked for one thing...which I went out and bought so I was neither surprised nor disappointed. XD

Sat down for a bit then straight off to the kitchen, my parents went to work last night so they went to sleep, I made cupcakes and a normal cake before starting on my turkey, whom I names Joseph. Joseph is a good boy, except for the minor pain in my back I know have from dealing with the big SOAB but that's all well and good.
I also started a little late so he won;t be done till like 10 but that's all good cause this family eats late anyways.

Okay that's all I'm saying for now until tomorrow I guess....Which (In true Francis form) we have decided to make Christmas as well. We usually double it up cause there's never enough Christmas hours in the day.
Christmas will end at 9:pm tomorrow to allow 3hours for Boxing Day :)

And too all a Goodnight.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oh Yeah...


Sitting here doing nothing

Finally got the will to do a bit of bloggage
As always there's not really anything going on in my life because I'm super average and super lazy.
My flatmates/friends have all gone home for Christmas so its just me myself and I for the weekend.
Friday night was an early night because of work on Saturday
Had to be up for 6:30am and set about 3 alarms to make sure I wouldn't have a repeat of last week where I started work at 8:15am but didn't wake up till 8:08am. Yeah awkward I know, still managed to get to work for 8:25 and no one realise. Boom Shakalaka.
So yeah work again at 8:15 this week, Man it was daaaaaaaaark when I woke and I was pissed, even when I left to go to work it was still dark, but lightening slightly. Who cares, it was my last week so the whole day I was just buzzing with anticipation for the clock on the computer to hit 3:45pm so I could be D-O-N-E Done.
Came home and.......Even though It was only yesterday I cant quite remember what I did last night.
I know I made some lunch......erm.....Watched Enemy Of State......erm I don't recall specifics. I did think about going over to a friends house and staying over on Saturday night but tat didn't happen. The 5minute walk from work to my apartment was just filled with bubbling suspense at getting home, locking the door and shutting out the world. I tend to forget the extremities of my loner type characteristics at times, s'pose it comes from coming from a big family? Its not that big, 2 parents and 3 other siblings. I don't know it just feels normal now. So yeah when I know I'm going to be by myself I think of other people I can go and see or stay with or who I can invite over and make a big deal of it, but the closer I get to my alone time the quieter I become and the more I embrace it and when I;m finally alone I realise just how much I've missed it. Wow I am so good at Dr Phil-ing myself.

Okay think that's about it, currently just laying in bed, finally caught up with The Mentalist but still have Gossip Girl and Merlin to go before I get home tomorrow and might try to squeeze in a movie or two. Who knows. Oh yeah that and I still haven't packed yet. I'm in the process of doing so but I've just realised how small my suitcase is. I'm in Sheffield more than I go home so I literally have all my clothes and stuff with me. Anything back home I don't wear. So having to pack 5weeks worth of stuff in to a teeny tiny suitcase is a mission and a half. I gave up for the time being. Need to get myself into the zone.

Updates to come

But for now, check out my new dress ^_^
It lloks pink but it's actually red. Like proper red.

Ignore my face cause I was using the camera on my laptop and it makes things in the distant blurry, I wasn't born with a smudged face :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Disney Bridal Collection By Alfred Angelo

I was originally going to type that I'm not the kind of girl that has been thinking about her wedding day since she was 6. And that's all true, I haven't even decided if I want to get married. But I am a girl and I do love Clothes, Dresses Shoes and all things Pretty so Check It Homies:
Ariel (Dibbs)




Sleeping Beauty

Snow White


Obsession and What Nots

So you guys know that I love all thing Disney Princess? Well yeah anyways I follow some Tumblr thing and I found on it pictures of Disney Related wedding dresses, and oh my gosh they were so cool. Like actual wedding dresses you can buy. Like I actually want the Ariel inspired one.
Check It:

How sexilicious is that?
Imma post the rest on the next post.

Every Day I'm Tumblr-ing

I got Tumblr last year because I had to for some Uni thing, I don't quite remember why to be honest. But then a few weeks ago I just decided to start using it, Kind of like I have multiple Blogs that are linked It's the same for Tumblr, so I started Tumblr-ing. To be honest you can thank Tom Fletcher from McFly, I follow him on Twitter and he randomly tweets his Tumbles and there were a few funny Gifs I liked and then the rest is history. It's fun. I still prefer Blogger cause I don't really write or put anything on there the way I do on here but its like a cross between this and tweeting, and man do I love tweeting.
Check It: (Gotta love that it's the same URL as my Blogger)

Plus making my own thingys are fun. Sorry I don't know what they're called. But an example of what I mean.....

Gosh darn it what would you call them?

Lady Popular

Is my fun new addictive game. It's kinda like having your own avatar but you have goals you need to complete to level up and you get to buy clothes and you can have a boyfriend an an apartment and there's other little tasks that go on around all the other stuff. You have a job and you can eat and its just so fun. As with all other games there is that optional Pay element, but I don't love the game THAT much. I got my flatmate into it and my other flatmate think we're both ridiculous cause she'll hear us having a conversation and think we're talking about real lives :)
It's a Google Chrome App game thingy. So yeah here's a few snap shots.

Give it a go, makes a good short distraction in between work cause you can only play the games once a day and I kind of just make mine go to sleep while I'm asleep and work when I work. Its cool.

Catch - Up

I say catch up but there really isn't anything major to catch you up on.
I've mainly been busy doing work, got a bucket load of projects and planning and filming and recording and editing and presentationing and research and essays to do. And that's what I've been doing.
Haven't even been able to go to the cinema this week and that's highly upsetting.

Oh turns out I have to quit my job because even though I requested the Christmas Period off in my "Interview" no one made a not of it so I have to work. Or quit. So I'm quitting. Gotta give a weeks notice. The woman I spoke to seemed taken aback when I asked her how I go about quitting as if the only choice was work or die. Psh you wish.

Okay I'm going to fill you on some other stuff now...


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