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Friday, 9 December 2011

Lady Popular

Is my fun new addictive game. It's kinda like having your own avatar but you have goals you need to complete to level up and you get to buy clothes and you can have a boyfriend an an apartment and there's other little tasks that go on around all the other stuff. You have a job and you can eat and its just so fun. As with all other games there is that optional Pay element, but I don't love the game THAT much. I got my flatmate into it and my other flatmate think we're both ridiculous cause she'll hear us having a conversation and think we're talking about real lives :)
It's a Google Chrome App game thingy. So yeah here's a few snap shots.

Give it a go, makes a good short distraction in between work cause you can only play the games once a day and I kind of just make mine go to sleep while I'm asleep and work when I work. Its cool.

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