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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year?

Who cares?
To me it's just another day.
I don't know maybe because I have to go to Church every New Years Eve with my parents from about 11pm till 1 am or something is the reason that I'm so bitter but I very much doubt it.
There's been the odd instance where we don't go and me and the sibs would watch a movie or just do our own thing and not really acknowledge it.
I just don't see the big deal, congratulating one and other for making it through another year, isn't that what your birthdays for? Why confuse things?
I have nothing against the parties or the church goings or any of that its just the actuality of it. But just ignore the bitter rantings of an old lady. I was always a hater.

I usually just joke my way through the New Year to keep from being bitter, make "See you next year" jokes and stuff, but meh, who even has the effort any more eh?

Strangely enough I do make new year resolutions, though when you look at them they're not resolution its more like a list of stuff that I need to get out of the way for the year. I do the same thing on/around my birthday, when it's the summer holidays, when school starts up in September. I'm just a list loving freak.
I have forgotten the point of this whole message. And all this ranting hasn't improved my mood or my headache.
My mum's working tonight which my dad's not happy about, it just gave me jokes cause he's probably angry he didn't get in there first. I hope we don't have to go anywhere cause I am so not in the mood.

Till next year.


  1. yeah i don't get the big deal about the new year for the exact reasons you said, also, if people want to start fresh and make 'next year' or whatever a 'good one' why do it at the 1st of jan, do it whenever.

  2. oh oh but on a plus, Footloose is on tonight - seeing 2012 in in styleeeeeee



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