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Saturday, 31 December 2011

(Random Rant Don't feel obliged to read)

I have a headache and I woke up on the miserable side of the bed this morning. We have people round AGAIN. One of which is my cousin who was here the other day with my other cousins, I don't mind, she's nice. She's 21 and I haven't seen her in about 14years cause she lives in Canada, he dad was here last year and her oldest sister, who is getting marraied in Feburary in Nigeria but I can't go cause I have uni. Aint that a bitch?
Any ways, with her is her cousins, no relation to us, as its her mums sisters family and we're related by our dads. Anyways it's bad enoug that I am in a rotton mood but I hate making nice in the first place. My cousins cousin is also at Sheffield and I may have mentioned her as someone that I had to make nice with during the summer, she's 16 and goes to the international college there. BLAH.
Don't know what's put me in this rotten assed mood but I don't care.
As well as that it's new years eve.
Hmmm think I am going to continue this rant in a new post.

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