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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sitting here doing nothing

Finally got the will to do a bit of bloggage
As always there's not really anything going on in my life because I'm super average and super lazy.
My flatmates/friends have all gone home for Christmas so its just me myself and I for the weekend.
Friday night was an early night because of work on Saturday
Had to be up for 6:30am and set about 3 alarms to make sure I wouldn't have a repeat of last week where I started work at 8:15am but didn't wake up till 8:08am. Yeah awkward I know, still managed to get to work for 8:25 and no one realise. Boom Shakalaka.
So yeah work again at 8:15 this week, Man it was daaaaaaaaark when I woke and I was pissed, even when I left to go to work it was still dark, but lightening slightly. Who cares, it was my last week so the whole day I was just buzzing with anticipation for the clock on the computer to hit 3:45pm so I could be D-O-N-E Done.
Came home and.......Even though It was only yesterday I cant quite remember what I did last night.
I know I made some lunch......erm.....Watched Enemy Of State......erm I don't recall specifics. I did think about going over to a friends house and staying over on Saturday night but tat didn't happen. The 5minute walk from work to my apartment was just filled with bubbling suspense at getting home, locking the door and shutting out the world. I tend to forget the extremities of my loner type characteristics at times, s'pose it comes from coming from a big family? Its not that big, 2 parents and 3 other siblings. I don't know it just feels normal now. So yeah when I know I'm going to be by myself I think of other people I can go and see or stay with or who I can invite over and make a big deal of it, but the closer I get to my alone time the quieter I become and the more I embrace it and when I;m finally alone I realise just how much I've missed it. Wow I am so good at Dr Phil-ing myself.

Okay think that's about it, currently just laying in bed, finally caught up with The Mentalist but still have Gossip Girl and Merlin to go before I get home tomorrow and might try to squeeze in a movie or two. Who knows. Oh yeah that and I still haven't packed yet. I'm in the process of doing so but I've just realised how small my suitcase is. I'm in Sheffield more than I go home so I literally have all my clothes and stuff with me. Anything back home I don't wear. So having to pack 5weeks worth of stuff in to a teeny tiny suitcase is a mission and a half. I gave up for the time being. Need to get myself into the zone.

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